[DL]String additions to 'gnome-shell.master'

2019-09-11 Thread GNOME Status Pages
This is an automatic notification from status generation scripts on: https://l10n.gnome.org. There have been following string additions to module 'gnome-shell.master': + "Use “%s” to get detailed help.\n" Note that this doesn't directly indicate a string freeze break, but it might be worth

Re: DL - Error in diff view

2019-09-11 Thread Claude Paroz
Sorry, this is due to some path migration on the server. I fixed it now by setting temporary symlinks and will fix it soon in the DL code. This is a preparation to some infrastructure change (moving to OpenShift). We'll try to make it with the less disturbance as possible for translators. Claude

Re: String freeze break request for gnome-shell

2019-09-11 Thread Daniel Mustieles García via gnome-i18n
2/2 from i18n Thanks! El mié., 11 sept. 2019 a las 7:55, Piotr Drąg via gnome-i18n (< gnome-i18n@gnome.org>) escribió: > śr., 11 wrz 2019, 00:43 użytkownik Florian Müllner > napisał: > >> Hey! >> >> I'd like to push a minor string change in >>

DL - Error in diff view

2019-09-11 Thread Daniel Mustieles García via gnome-i18n
Hi Claude, When I try to see diff view between original and uploaded PO file, I got a "Page not found" error in DL. This is the link I'm trying to access: https://l10n.gnome.org/vertimus/diff/494216/0/0/ And this is the page of the module I'm trying to proofread:

[gnome-music] Created branch gnome-3-34

2019-09-11 Thread Jean Felder
The branch 'gnome-3-34' was created pointing to: 7ef36ed... Release 3.34.0 ___ gnome-i18n mailing list gnome-i18n@gnome.org https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-i18n