transpose on bigger datasets?

2014-10-29 Thread Berntsson, Martin
Dear all, I work with (relatively) large data tables and appreciate gnumeric for its stability and speed. I need some advice concerning the use of gnumeric and the function transpose. I have used transpose successfully on small datasets. Problem : I have a matrix size ca 12345678x9 (ca 10^8

SV: transpose on bigger datasets?

2014-10-29 Thread Berntsson, Martin
Dear Morten and all, Thanks for the file and the advice. Thoughts about Gnumeric : Why are there different max rows and max column? Why a max at all? And not limited by machine mem? I need a lot of both, and seen from a technical perspective, today there are numerous applications that produce

PCA - Principal Component Analysis, an alternative?

2015-09-17 Thread Berntsson, Martin
Dear All, Im working with data science and one of my favorites is PCA - Principal Component Analysis. Gnumerics is really great in many ways, but the present PCA has some weaknesses. I found the R library "mixOmics" which has a great PCA (and also PLS). This supports (among other things) : *

matrix size?

2016-10-13 Thread Berntsson, Martin
Hi Guys, Thanks for a great software. Works fast and do things right. Really like many sides of it. Is there a limit to the max number of columns in the spreadsheet? Med vänliga hälsningar / With kind regards / Freundliche Grüße, Martin Berntsson Data Scientist Meter Data Management (MDM) T