Re: [Goanet] Goanet Reader: Anglo Indians, Cotton Mary ... and the Bombay of those days (by Roland Francis)

2008-06-27 Thread Con Menezes
till 1942, when my family migrated to Rhodesia. But this story by Roland fired my imagination and I could 'see' Cotton Mary just as she was in this lovely story, and yes, this could be a part of an Ivory-Merchant movie about Anglo Indians. Bless 'em! Con. Menezes

[Goanet] Fw: The Unholy Alliance Between Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Drugs: 36, 000 Deaths a Year? - articles -

2009-02-06 Thread Con Menezes
How the public are held to ransom by the 'medical' profession and the drug companies. con menezes Subject: The Unholy Alliance Between Psychiatrists and Psychotropic Drugs: 36,000 Deaths a Year? - articles -

[Goanet] How the Food Industry is Deceiving You - articles -

2009-02-10 Thread Con Menezes
The food industry's gamble with our health C.M.

[Goanet] 10 Diseases Linked To Soda - articles -

2009-02-12 Thread Con Menezes
What 'soft' drinks can do to your health. Con menezes

[Goanet] Three Cups of Tea a Day Slashes Your Breast Cancer Risk - articles -

2009-02-14 Thread Con Menezes
Protection from the big 'C' with cups of tea .interesting information. con menezes

[Goanet] Re-Kindle Your Love for Reading - articles -

2009-02-14 Thread Con Menezes

[Goanet] Google Ocean Lets Users Explore Shipwrecks And Reefs - articles -

2009-02-20 Thread Con Menezes
With Google Earth explore the ocean floor.fascinating video,

[Goanet] Ten Tricks to Using Google You Probably Don't Know - articles -

2009-02-25 Thread Con Menezes
Con Menezes

[Goanet] Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn't mean you're smart - life - 02 November 2009 - New Scientist

2009-11-30 Thread Con Menezes
Intelligent people who act foolishly. More wisdom abouth this here. Con

[Goanet] Skin color gives clues to health

2009-12-01 Thread Con Menezes
Complexion reveals how good your health is. More here.. Con

[Goanet] Daily aspirin use takes another hit « House Calls

2009-12-07 Thread Con Menezes
Who knew about the effects of a daily aspirin dose? Con

[Goanet] Men married to smart women live longer - Times Online

2009-12-09 Thread Con Menezes
Men Married to Smart Women Live Longer! More here... Con

[Goanet] 8 bits of everyday tech we won't use in a decade | News | TechRadar UK

2009-12-11 Thread Con Menezes
Photos from Goa's 2009 mando festival: Event on Wed, Thurs evening from 5 pm onwards, Kala Academy, Panaji-Goa

[Goanet] Sounds during sleep can boost memory

2009-12-17 Thread Con Menezes
Sounds during sleep can boost your memory. Learn how here.. Con

[Goanet] Key to Affordable Health Care: Healthier Lifestyles | LiveScience

2009-12-19 Thread Con Menezes
Key to Affordable Health Care revealed. Info. you can use. Con.

[Goanet] Green Remedies - ABC News

2009-12-19 Thread Con Menezes
Treating common ailments with ingredients from your pantry. Watch this Video. Con

[Goanet] Low vitamin D again linked to higher mortality

2009-12-19 Thread Con Menezes
Want to Live longer?.Try Vitamin D Keep reading. Con

[Goanet] Really? - The Claim - Cold Temperatures Improve Sleep - Question -

2009-12-19 Thread Con Menezes
Why temperature is important for restful sleep. More Con

[Goanet] Warning: This product may cause sickness, paralysis, and death | Grist

2009-12-19 Thread Con Menezes
Enjoy Hamburgers? This may make you think again. Con

[Goanet] Dirt is good for kids « House Calls

2009-12-21 Thread Con Menezes
Dirt is good for kids Who knew this? More Con

[Goanet] Big Pharma’s bedroom eyes « House C alls

2009-12-21 Thread Con Menezes
Desirable side-effects for this anti-depressant! WOW!!!. Read here Con

[Goanet] Radiation from CT scans linked to cancers, deaths -

2009-12-29 Thread Con Menezes
Read about the dangers of the most commonly diagnostic tests. Con

[Goanet] The 7 foods experts won't eat - Healthy Living on Shine

2009-12-29 Thread Con Menezes
Avoid these Seven Foods and you will have a healthier New year. More below Con

[Goanet] H1N1 explained by an influenza research insider

2009-12-30 Thread Con Menezes
H1NI Explanation by a researcher. Con

[Goanet] Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? - ABC News

2010-01-01 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Elezibaeths sequinned dress.

2010-01-01 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Progesterone May Improve Outcomes From Brain Injury - Life Extension

2010-01-01 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Video - Breaking News Videos from - Tips to add years to your life

2010-01-01 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Body mass and waist size can predict heart disease | Reuters

2010-01-03 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Burning Question: Why Can't I Use My Cell Phone on a Plane?

2010-01-07 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Music Boosts Intelligence In Children

2010-01-08 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Twelve Steps to Better Cold Care

2010-01-08 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Alzheimer's Prevention

2010-01-08 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] My Gut Feeling is You Need More Stomach Acid

2010-01-09 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Iodine Treats Breast Cancer, Overwhelming Evidence

2010-01-09 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] Who is a Goan??

2010-01-09 Thread Con Menezes
--- --- Happy New Year Twenty-Ten

[Goanet] How to Lick Bad Breath and Dry Mouth | LiveScience

2010-01-13 Thread Con Menezes
Bad Breath?? Heres how to get rid of it. Con

[Goanet] 10 Small Ways to Make the World a Better Place - Stepcase Lifehack

2010-01-13 Thread Con Menezes
Ten small way to make world a better place. Con

[Goanet] Everything About GMOs Video - Institute for Responsible Technology

2010-01-14 Thread Con Menezes
Everything you MUST KNOW about genetically modified food. Watch the video... Con

[Goanet] Salted foods may increase cancer risk: Japanese study

2010-01-15 Thread Con Menezes
Salted foods may increase cancer riskJapanese study Keep reading. Con

[Goanet] Like Pouring Gas on a Wildfire

2010-01-15 Thread Con Menezes
Aging brings about changes in blood sugar levels. Read why here... Con

[Goanet] New Study says Antidepressants Next to Worthless

2010-01-16 Thread Con Menezes
New studies now contradict what we were lead to believe in the past. Who can we trust?? More here. Con

[Goanet] 20 great foods you aren't eating - Times Online

2010-01-16 Thread Con Menezes
Dear Goanetters, Are you eating some of these Healthy foods? Con

[Goanet] The Staff of Life… or the Stuff of De ath? | Natural Health

2010-01-17 Thread Con Menezes
New? thinking on grains? Keep reading. C

[Goanet] Green tea beats depression « House Ca lls

2010-01-17 Thread Con Menezes
Encouraging info. for those who drink green tea and for those should be. More here.. Con

[Goanet] Study raises concerns about outdoor second-hand smoke | Science Blog

2010-01-17 Thread Con Menezes
How dangerous is outdoor second-hand smoke. Learn here. Con

[Goanet] CTV News | The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS

2010-01-17 Thread Con Menezes
Can abnormalities in your neck cause MS? Keep reading. Con

[Goanet] Dark Chocolate: The New Antianxiety Drug? - Healthy Living -

2010-01-17 Thread Con Menezes
Dark Chocolate: The new anti-anxiety drug?? Luck for the chocoholics!! More here... Con

[Goanet] Sugar-free satisfaction: Finding the brain's sweet spot - life - 27 December 2009 - New Scientist

2010-01-18 Thread Con Menezes
While your tastebuds can be fooled your brain is NOT. Find out here C

[Goanet] Researchers find clues to why some continue to eat when full

2010-01-18 Thread Con Menezes
Why you continue to overeat when you are full?? Heres the reason why... C

[Goanet] Opening Pandora's Bread Box: The Critical Role of Wheat Lectin in Human Disease. |

2010-01-18 Thread Con Menezes
Critical role of Wheat in Human disease. More below C

[Goanet] 10 Diet Commandments for Pain Patients - fibromyalgia -

2010-01-19 Thread Con Menezes
Ten Diet 'Commandments' for Pain sufferers. Go through each one listed (twelve slides) C,,20309924,00.html

[Goanet] 11 Ways to Think Outside the Box - Stepcase Lifehack

2010-01-19 Thread Con Menezes
Enhance your problem solving skills. Read this article. C

[Goanet] Antioxidant-rich fruit and veg may cut lymph cancer risk

2010-01-20 Thread Con Menezes
Antioxidant -rich fruit veg. may cut lymph cancer risk. New study. More here. C

[Goanet] Weaker Muscles Linked To Alzheimer’s Risk | Daily Health Bulletin

2010-01-21 Thread Con Menezes
Weaker muscles linked to Alzheimers risk?? Read... C

[Goanet] The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them - Stepcase Lifehack

2010-01-21 Thread Con Menezes
Ten things Children really want their parents do do with them. Learn more. C

[Goanet] Teens Who Skip Breakfast More Likely to Be Obese, Study Says -

2010-01-22 Thread Con Menezes
A good reason not to miss Breakfast Heres why! C

[Goanet] Shezad Dawood - Artwork - The Saatchi Gallery

2010-01-22 Thread Con Menezes
Dear Goanetters, Those interested in Indian Art, there is an exhibition @ Saatchi Gallery London entitled 'The Empire Strikes Back. Peruse through.very interesting. C

[Goanet] Green tea antioxidants more bioavailable than thought?

2010-01-22 Thread Con Menezes
Green tead antioxidants more potent than hitherto known. New Italian research results. Here C

[Goanet] Stressed People At Greater Risk for Heart Attacks |

2010-01-29 Thread Con Menezes
Stressed Peaople at Greater risk of Heart attacks. Plus other stories here. Con

[Goanet] 7 Steps for a Healthy Heart

2010-02-10 Thread Con Menezes
Seven steps for a healthy heart From WebMD..better info.better health. Here. C.

[Goanet] Multiply Your Time: 4th Dimension Time Management - Spirituality Blog on Balanced Life Center

2010-02-10 Thread Con Menezes
Fourth Dimension method of Time management. Simple tips here... C

[Goanet] Can big bottoms boost health?

2010-02-10 Thread Con Menezes
Can big bottoms boost health??? Yes or NO? More here. C

[Goanet] TV now an accused killer

2010-02-10 Thread Con Menezes
Couch potato syndrome may shorten your life! Avoid itkeep reading. C

[Goanet] Copper pipes could cause heart disease and Alzheimer's - Telegraph

2010-02-11 Thread Con Menezes
Copper pipes are a 'new risk' for these two diseases. From Telegraph. UK. C

[Goanet] Engage in Physical Activity in Midlife to Retain Overall Health Later in Life |

2010-02-13 Thread Con Menezes
Engage in Physical activity in midlife for Overall Health in later life. World Continue reading. C

[Goanet] YouTube - Brazilian Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro

2010-02-14 Thread Con Menezes
Brazilian Carvanal . C

[Goanet] What you eat after exercise matters

2010-02-16 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- What you eat after exercise

[Goanet] Children 'feeling unhappier with life' - Telegraph

2010-02-19 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Children in the UK feeling

[Goanet] A low dose of caffeine when pregnant may damage the heart of offspring for a lifetime

2010-02-19 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- A low dose of caffeine may hurt

[Goanet] The Pioneer Online Edition : Honeybees face towering threat from mobiles

2010-02-20 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- If bees die with this

[Goanet] Medicine's Cutting Edge: Re-Growing Organs - CBS Sunday Morning - CBS News

2010-02-22 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Hello Netters, Here's hope for us

[Goanet] Giving children the best nutritional start

2010-02-24 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Giving children the best

[Goanet] Tips On How To Survive An Earthquake

2010-02-25 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- We have had earthquakes around the

[Goanet] Study fails to link saturated fat, heart disease | Reuters

2010-02-25 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- This 'new study' appears to

[Goanet] Memory Loss and Blood Sugar Levels

2010-02-27 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Elevated BGL (blood sugar levels)

[Goanet] Goanet blog?

2010-02-27 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Dear Editor (?) Just to say that I

[Goanet] NOVA | scienceNOW | Aging | PBS

2010-02-28 Thread Con Menezes
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** --- Answers to the eternal longevity

[Goanet] Pilates Institute - Australia - Menezes Pilates - Pilates equipment, DVDs, videos, books, instructor training courses Sydney

2010-06-06 Thread Con Menezes
There is another Goan exponent of 'Pilates' DownUnder. On this website. C

[Goanet] A New Lullaby for Snorers

2010-06-07 Thread Con Menezes
Do you snore??? Here is the singing 'solution' Interesting by Dr. Jean-Jacques Dugoua in 'Healthier Talk'

[Goanet] A growing body of evidence links exercise and mental acuity

2010-06-13 Thread Con Menezes
Evidence links exercise with mental acuity. Washington Post Con

[Goanet] BBC News - 'Unintended' statin side-effect risks uncovered

2010-06-13 Thread Con Menezes
Side-effects (positive negative) of statins here disclosed. BBC C

[Goanet] Could Probiotics Prevent Obesity? - iVillage

2010-06-13 Thread Con Menezes
Could Probiotics prevent obesity?? 'iVillage' C|06-11-2010|

[Goanet] Psoriasis relief from a variety of treatments

2010-06-13 Thread Con Menezes
Interesting find a cure Question Answer for your disease. Apparent cure for Psoriasis. More here.. C

[Goanet] Finding A Way To Rest When Your Bladder Won’t

2010-06-16 Thread Con Menezes
Tips to control your night-time hyperactive bladder Michael Cutler, MD 'Healthier Talk' C

[Goanet] Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Alzheime r’s

2010-06-17 Thread Con Menezes
You may have about this diet...but do youpractice it??? By Jon Barron 'Healthier Talk' C

[Goanet] Eating Nuts May Help Cholesterol Levels - iVillage

2010-06-17 Thread Con Menezes
Lowering your LDL with nuts?? New study says it can be done. Learn how... 'iVillage' Con|06-16-2010|

[Goanet] Tidy house, fitter body?

2010-06-18 Thread Con Menezes
Goanetters..amazing study/theory says you will be fitter if your house is tidier... How?..more here... C.

[Goanet] How dark chocolate may guard against brain injury from stroke

2010-06-29 Thread Con Menezes
Good news for chocoholics - as long as you eat the right type! Con

[Goanet] Top 10 Food Facts Everyone Should Know | Healthy Eating Tips - Upgrade Your Healthstyle | Summer Tomato

2010-06-29 Thread Con Menezes
Ten top foods everyone should know. 'Summer Tomato' C

[Goanet] What’s in Your Toothpaste?

2010-06-29 Thread Con Menezes
Know the contents of your toothpaste.?? Surprising reading here.. Con.

[Goanet] Does Washing Lettuce Get Rid of Bacteria? | LiveScience

2010-06-29 Thread Con Menezes
Does washing your produce rids it of bacteria?? Live Science Con

[Goanet] How to Tell If Your Child Is Being Bullied - iVillage

2010-06-29 Thread Con Menezes
An indicator if your child is being bullied. 'iVillage' Con.|05-26-2010|

[Goanet] Fw: MOBILE USE - FYI

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Goanetters, we have had various discussions about brain damage caused by radiation . Here is another classic proof??? Con Fact or Fiction it looks real enough Watch out Popcorn This is probably what it does

[Goanet] Chocoholic Lament: The connection between chocolate mood

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
I didnt realise there were so many 'experts' on dark chocolate since I first mentioned the subject on Goanet. Now, here's the lowdown! Con

[Goanet] Boost White Blood Cell Counts and Immune Function Naturally

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Boost White Blood Cell Count Immune Function Naturally. Tony Isaacs in 'Healthier Talk' Con

[Goanet] Polyphenols in red wine and green tea halt prostate cancer growth

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Polyphenols in Red Wine Green Tea halt prostate cancer growth...New Study. Con

[Goanet] Pills That Kill

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Drug Safety remains uncertain??. by Dr.David Blyweiss in 'Healthier Talk' Con

[Goanet] The surprising 1-step solution to avoid breaking your hip

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Breaking the hip after falling has always been an 'aging problem' Surprising solution in this article by Alice Wessendorf in 'Healthier Talk' Con

[Goanet] The Body's Master Antioxidant

2010-07-03 Thread Con Menezes
Heard of Glutathione.dubbed the 'master antioxidant'?? Get to know here... 'iHealth Tube' Con

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