2022-12-12 Thread Nelson Lopes
Fr.Jose Antonio Costa award
FIRST  Student at SSC from amongst
the students of High Schools of St Andrew VASCO , Mount Marys Chinchinim,
O.L Grace Bicholim , Rosary Navelim .Effective from 2022 March Exam of
GBSHSE.The interest on Rs 100K with citation is instituted under P.C.TRUST
by Parishioners , friends, admirers  in his honour  for cherishable
legacies left  for posterity
Nelson  Lopes


[Goanet] Fr J A da Costa award

2022-12-09 Thread Nelson Lopes
Rev Fr J A   da Costa Award
The award is instituted  by Parishioners of Chinchinim , friends and
admirers under PCTrust  in honour  of your past PP. for the memorable
legacies he  has left behind to be cherished .
The  FIRST award will be from  last year, April  2022 SSC exam of GBSHSE.
The First student  will be honoured from amongst  4 schools 1. O.L Grace HS
Bicholim 2..St Andrews HS Vasco  3. Rosary H S Navelim.Mount Mary;s  HS
The award consists of interest on Rs 100.000= less administrative expenses
if any, along with citations

The information must reach  within 15 days after declaration of SSC results
to the  Chairman ,P.C Trust   603 , Dandeavaddo Chinchinim 403715 without
The certified copy of the mark sheet .address,  contact  number poto of
your first student  need to be included.
The citation and cheque will be forwarded to the school to be distributed
at public annual gathering of the sc hool

The award will be enhanced if donors come forward and join
voluntaratily.The Trust issues official receipt  eligible for deduction
U/S 80 G of I.Tax.
Any change/s will be communicated  and shall  be enforced from prospective
effect and will be binding on all concerned
The Trust is obliged for recording the award in your yearly calendar for
Acknowledgement will be appreciated

Indebted for your co operation
With regards
Yours faithfully

Nelson Lopes
C.C  ; Principal / Headmaster
O.L Grace H.S Bicholim
St .Andrews H.S Vasco
Rosary H .S Navelim
Mount Marys HS Chinchinim.

Confidential  not announced