Plotting Library for Gtkmm-3.0 - PlotMM

2015-02-08 Thread Jim Charlton
A recent post about charting and plotting software for gtk-3.0 
encouraged me to share some modifications I have made to the PlotMM 
library originally made available by Andy Thaller 

I have made quite extensive modifications to the original library in 
order to make it compatible with Gtkmm-3.0.  Most of the the original 
functionality remains as described in the link above.

The modified library, with a Makefile for Linux/Ubuntu 14.04.1, is 
included in the package, as are notes on the modification I have made.  
I have also verified that the code compiles on MAC OS X 10.10 with the 
gtk/gtkmm osx libraries installed.

To obtain the package, go to

Jim Charlton
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2015-02-08 Thread Johannes Deutsch
On Fri, 06 Feb 2015 16:24:39 -0600
zeta wrote:

 Hi there
 I am new on the community, I am a bachelor student at BUAP, I love
 gome since I meet it, and know I want to contribute in something, I
 was writing an application with gtk and when I want to create some
 cool charts I see that there isn't a library for do it, or I don't
 find one that has native integration with gtk, so I decide to write
 one, but first I want to know If anyone is doing one, or if someone
 can guide me where to start, I think that I should do with the gtk
 draw area widget and cairo, but I'm not sure.

I can suggest gtkdatabox [1].


 Miguel Angel
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