Gtk3 MacOS (OSX) context menu issues

2015-02-28 Thread Konstantin Dmitriev
Hello! My name is Konstantin Dmitriev, I am a maintainer of Synfig Studio open-source animation software. Recently we have ported our software from Gtk2 to Gtk3. Unfortunately, after that we have encountered issues with context menus on OSX - the context menus are become insensitive sometimes.

Re: gtk3 (GtkTextView) and MacOS

2015-02-28 Thread Roger Davis
Hi Jim, I suspect this may have something to do with how gtk3/gnome3 is built and/or configured on the Mac. I have no experience with the jhbuild environment and have always used the MacPorts packages, but have never made any attempt to dig into how the latter are built. As I said, I was