Re: Gtk3 MacOS (OSX) context menu issues

2015-03-05 Thread Konstantin Dmitriev
2015-03-03 15:01 GMT+06:00 Vest . Hello Konstantin, I apologize that I probably cannot help you, but I am curious. Do you have this issue, if you run a simple demo, where GtkMenu is used? Because it seems that when you move the mouse outside of the menu's boundaries,

Re: How to make a GtkButton respond to a key press

2015-03-05 Thread Jim Charlton
On 15-03-05 07:58 PM, Michael Torrie wrote: Maybe I'm just not reading right, but I cannot figure out how to make a GtkButton respond to a single key press. For example, if I made a simple calculator like the one that comes with Gnome, how can I make it so when I press '1' on my keyboard, the 1