does being inside a grid make an entry more editable?

2017-03-09 Thread Dan Hitt
I have some entries that are inside a grid (all gtk3 stuff). I cannot seem to make them uneditable with a call to gtk_editable_set_editable(). I also have an entry outside the grid, which gtk_editable_set_editable() certainly can make uneditable. So i think the difference between the two cases

Re: Homogeneous table

2017-03-09 Thread Eric Cashon via gtk-app-devel-list
Hi Ruben, Consider using a drawing area and GTK3. There are more drawing and graphical capabilities in GTK3. Going forward to GTK4 I expect even more drawing capabilities since every computer sold these days has a gpu and the software can take advantage of that. With a drawing area you get

Get tty device for the application that lost focus

2017-03-09 Thread John Lane
I am not sure whether this is possible, but here goes... I am writing a Gtk3 application whilst learning the API and I am pushing it by trying to achieve some edgy things! My application, which is suitably privileged, can inject some arbitrary text into the tty of another application. It does

Re: Glade crash

2017-03-09 Thread Jim Charlton
Pozz: I see what you mean. I observe exactly what you observe (glade-3.20 on Ubuntu-16.10). I do note that if you add data back to the fan_store columns... then all three of the TreeViews come back as expected. I have to admit that I am not an expert on glade use. I was doing some

Homogeneous table

2017-03-09 Thread RĂºben Rodrigues
Hi guys, I have this table : This table have 5 columns, each column has an image. I just want to see one image at a time, but I do not want to center that image, that is, I want to see it in its correct position. SO, when i do this next code image should be in