Re: Integrate IP Camera stream in GTK app

2017-06-14 Thread RĂºben Rodrigues
Hi Eric, I know that we can do with gstreamer, but i'm using an raspberry pi and what i tested dont't works because raspberry pi just shows an image of camera and don't play the stream. I get an error of "computer to slow", but just stay slow after run gstreamer. I used vlc too, and in my

Re: turn on italics in TextView

2017-06-14 Thread Eric Cashon via gtk-app-devel-list
Here are a few things that might improve the above code a little. Use gtk_button_set_focus_on_click(GTK_BUTTON(toggle1), FALSE); instead of a grab. Also the global gboolean can be eliminated if you pass the toggle button pointer to the "insert-text" callback. Then you can just use