Find path under mouse

2017-06-19 Thread Daniel Kasak
Hi all. Reposting from the gtk-perl list ... no responses there ... Back in gtk+-2.x, I had some code that could find the path underneath the mouse ( I was looking for double-click events in a treeview in this case ): --- my ( $self, $treeview, $event ) = @_; if ( $event->type eq

Re: turn on italics in TextView

2017-06-19 Thread Doug McCasland
​Thanks again. That works, but ​the state is lost when the cursor is moved. Here is some code to discover multiple styles after the cursor is moved. The pointers to the style tags are saved in globals, then in the callback for the cursor move, we look for those pointers in the linked-list

Re: undefined reference to gtk label set xalign

2017-06-19 Thread Rúben Rodrigues
I add the full library path to linker and works, but now the function don't makes anything id xalign is 1.0. A change to 0.0 and works.. What's going on? Code: for(i=0;i<2;i++) if(xHouseList[i].box == NULL){ xHouseList[i].box =