Re: Private data problems

2008-09-16 Thread Damien Caliste
Hello, Le 15/09/2008, Liam O'Boyle [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit : First up, the GtkNotebook switch-page event returns a GtkNotebookPage, which is of incredibly little use. Yes, but the next argument is an int with the page number. Then one can use gtk_notebook_get_nth_page() to get the child

GtkTreeView and lazy population

2008-09-16 Thread Sam Thursfield
Hi, I have developed a tree model which takes a long time to find all its root nodes. Short batches of 50-100 execute in negligible time, but it will be operate in cases with upwards of 100k root nodes. It seems as though the first thing GtkTreeView does on receiving the model is to iterate

Re: treeview path/iter to undisplayed model item

2008-09-16 Thread Dave Foster
After further testing, I've concluded it is a strange interaction between the xmms2 client lib (my application is an xmms2 client) and the glib mainloop. I found a workaround in that instead of placing items in the store directly when xmms2 tells me to, I put it in a queue for an idle function to

how to modify the GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo?

2008-09-16 Thread paragasu
by default, gnome_db_form/gnome_db_grid widget create a set of control (GnomeDbDataWidgetInfo). To add or manipulate data. For my application, i only need the update button, i do not need the insert, add or the next record button. How to remove all button except the update button? Or how i can