Re: switch printer tray during printing

2013-03-11 Thread Adam Tauno Williams
or in a PJL envelope [common for Postscript]. They really are attributes of the *job*. I'd guess that Gtk/GNOME would have to 'emulate' this behavior by splitting the ob silently into multiple jobs. That could get wierd. -- Adam Tauno Williams GPG D95ED383 Systems Administrator, Python Developer

Re: Curves Widget for GTK+3

2013-04-02 Thread Adam Tauno Williams
other package. If your application needs this widget, feel free to use it, as the widget does work and is useful in some applications; it's just not of general interest. However, it will eventually move out of the PyGTK distribution. /quote -- Adam Tauno Williams GPG D95ED383 Systems Administrator

Async Callbacks w/Python 3 + Gtk3

2018-12-17 Thread Adam Tauno Williams
. Is there an "official" / endorsed / classical way to handle this? None of the "official" HOWTOs I have found address this - - - unless I have missed one [entirley possible] -- Adam Tauno Williams <> GPG D95ED383 OpenGroupware Developer &l

Python3, GObject objects & models

2018-12-18 Thread Adam Tauno Williams
to connect/map something like a Gtk.CellRendererText to a property, such that having a type in a model has some advantage [vs. a model like (int, str, str)]. ??? -- Adam Tauno Williams <> GPG D95ED383 OpenGroupware Developer <http://www.opengro

Re: ANNOUNCE: Phasing out GTK mailing lists and move to Discord

2019-04-01 Thread Adam Tauno Williams
at run, solved almost every problem when used correctly; then people decided to try something else ... about every ~90 days it seems. I'm just too tired of it all to learn yet-another- messaging-platform. #shrug -- Adam Tauno Williams ___ gtk-app-devel-