[h-cost] Non destructive testing for wool/synthetic

2016-08-18 Thread Elizabeth Jones
Hi everyone, This is not directly historical but I knew this list would be my best chance of an answer. My uncle sent my 2 month old son a gift of a hand knitted cardigan which he bought from a charity stall. without a label I have no way to know if they have used wool or acrylic yarn. I know I

Re: [h-cost] Costumes in "War and Peace"

2016-01-06 Thread Elizabeth Jones
I haven't seen this movie but I feel like movie costumes run on cycles of fashion that can be just as reactionary as fashions in everyday life. something along the lines of "everyone remembers their version of the story so I have to be different." Sometimes it ends up just being difference for

Re: [h-cost] Is h-costume still going?

2015-12-18 Thread Elizabeth Jones
I actually wonder about how charity sewing would fit in to the fancy vs plain sewing rule in Mansfield Park there is one evening (I think they have company over but I can't remember) when Mrs Norris complains that Fanny should be sewing and if she has nothing of her own to work on there is plenty

Re: [h-cost] gauging for gathers?

2014-03-11 Thread Elizabeth Jones
I can't think of any Elizabethan images that show pleats as small as those in mid 19th century skirts (which is the context in which I have previously heard the term gauging) Cartridge pleats are one of the types of pleats used but judging by portraits I wouldn't put in pleats any smaller than 1

Re: [h-cost] tv fashions

2013-10-30 Thread Elizabeth Jones
If I recall correctly they seemed to have some sort of corporate sponsorship deal with whoever provided his wardrobe. I suspect if they had just gone out and shopped for it they wouldn't have credited anyone for his wardrobe either. Elizabeth On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 10:39 AM, Lynn Downward

Re: [h-cost] Boning and corsets for musicians

2013-10-20 Thread Elizabeth Jones
Hi Aylwen, What have you tried so far? If we know what's already been tried there won't need to be any re-inventing of the wheel. For anything pre-1600 you are fairly safe to skip boning for anyone who isn't extremely high fashion (and musicians paid to perform for a ball definitely weren't high

Re: [h-cost] Cross dressing documentation - pre 1600

2013-10-07 Thread Elizabeth Jones
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[h-cost] Cross dressing documentation - pre 1600

2013-10-06 Thread Elizabeth Jones
Does anyone have SCA period (i.e. medieval to 1600) images or documentation referring to cross dressing. I am in the early stages of trying to organise a Bob and Kate feast around this time next year (for those unfamiliar with the concept the name comes from the episode of Blackadder II episode