Re: [h-cost] Costumes in "War and Peace"

2016-01-06 Thread Viv Watkins
that mentioning that is snarking. I have always felt that my enthusiasm for costume means I have a greater interest and if that sometimes makes me critical of things I don't think are quite right, it also makes me much more appreciative of things that are well done. Viv Watkins -Original Message

Re: [h-cost] Who's still here? & smock question

2015-12-19 Thread Viv Watkins
Hello Susan As Catherine says there are several smocks in the V & A. This is their collections page - You can search on 'smock'. There are several early women's smocks and the traditional work smocks. Another title you may be interested in is

Re: [h-cost] measurement chart

2013-09-16 Thread Viv Watkins
Having been in this situation may I offer some advice. If at all possible ask her to find someone with dressmaking skills to measure her - and stress that the measurements are about accuracy and not vanity! A recent photo can also be very useful to show things like the slope of a shoulder or

Re: [h-cost] Movie Costume Question: McGonagall's Yule Ensemble

2011-09-15 Thread Viv Watkins
How about this - Good large picture, especially fabric and sleeve cuff - Best wishes Viv ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: [h-cost] Coutil origins

2011-08-19 Thread Viv Watkins
The Oxford English Dictionary gives - Coutil. (a. F. coutil, (kuti), in 13th. c. keutil, f. keute, coute, mattress, quilt.) A close-woven sort of canvas, used for mattresses, pillows, and in stay- making. Perhaps some of these alternate spellings may help. Best wishes Viv.

Re: [h-cost] Textiles in the fifteenth century

2010-10-26 Thread Viv Watkins
Please, can anyone recommend to me a really reliable source for information about the sorts of textiles, especially silk, being used in England in the fifteenth century? Hi Linda, You have probably already tried these but they are the books in my collection which cover the earliest periods.

Re: [h-cost] List of Hunnisett Films?

2010-04-14 Thread Viv Watkins
When I did a course with Jean, she mentioned the Arnolfini dress - It is quite a while ago but I am pretty sure she said she made it for a television programme. I can't remember if she said which programme - sorry. Best wishes Viv. ___ h-costume

Re: [h-cost] 17c jacket sewing advice

2009-10-05 Thread Viv Watkins
Hi Kate Renaissance tailor has a good guide here - . Unless the gore is very long, I prefer to sew by hand as it ie easier to manipulate the fabric. Good luck with your project. Viv. I have at last started on a long-planned project

Re: [h-cost] Embroidered Jacket

2009-09-14 Thread Viv Watkins
Hello Susan. There is a photograph (unfortunately black and white) of the back of a jacket which looks like the one you are after. If not it is a very similar design. The picture is about 3 by 2 but shows the whole back well enough to see the embroidery. It is in English Domestic Needlework

Re: [h-cost] Help! Enlarging with a photocopier

2009-08-27 Thread Viv Watkins
My other goal for today that didn't happen was to try just the photocopying method. Is there any particular number of times that anyone knows of that I should enlarge each scaled down peice? If the pieces are 1/4 scale, would that mean I'd enlarge them 75%? Oy, math definitely isn't my cup of

Re: [h-cost] 1960s hippie fashions - England

2009-07-06 Thread Viv Watkins
The film I remember which brought in the long look was Doctor Zhivago, which came out here in 1966. But it was about long coats; they were worn with mini skirts and often, boots. I think the hippy/romantic look was when our skirts went right down - oh those cheesecloth kaftans! Best wishes

Re: [h-cost] 18th century Tricorn hats....on back of head

2009-04-16 Thread Viv Watkins
I think this might be the painting you are thinking of - it is 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' by Gainsborough. This is a link to the painting in the National Gallery - Best wishes Viv The

Re: [h-cost] What kind of fur would you use for this?

2009-03-03 Thread Viv Watkins
I looked up Jean Hunnisett because I remember her saying she had made the Arnolfini dress. She includes the dress in Period Costume for Stage and Screen: Medieval - 1500 but doesn't say what fur she used. You might be interested in her comments, bearing in mind (as she always said) that her

Re: [h-cost] Victorian corset on UK TV

2009-02-23 Thread Viv Watkins
Any UK list members see Jeremy Paxman's series on the Victorians last night? He spoke to a lady who collected Victorian ladies' costume, and much was made of the discomfort/restriction of wearing a corset. She then appeared in Victorian underwear and got Jeremy to lace up her corset,

[h-cost] Which end of the thread?

2008-11-23 Thread Viv Watkins
This is not exactly historical but it is about hand-sewing, so... I have always thought that you thread the end that comes off the spool first through the needle. But today I was reading one of those 'useful hints' books which said you should thread the other end first to prevent knots! Any

[h-cost] French titles - Mediaeval costume and textiles

2008-11-01 Thread Viv Watkins
You might be interested in this book - although it covers a much wider period it has a good mediaeval section. I bought myself a copy of Rayures. une histoire et des tissus rayes because the illustrations were excellent and struggled through enough of the French to get the basic idea. I was