[h-cost] Gold ornaments from C16th hat found on Thames foreshore

2015-12-23 Thread Catherine Walton
Here is a newspaper item with a good photo of the aiglets, beads, etc. found by the 'mudlarks':- http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/dec/23/tiny-tudor-treasure-hoard-found-in-thames-mud It is thought that they all came from one hat, although found by different people at different times,

Re: [h-cost] Stockings and Charity Sewing

2015-12-23 Thread Lavolta Press
I would think that, in the unlikely situation where a woman was visiting a family and did not bring enough "work" of her own, there would be a conversation like this: Guest: Please, let me help you darn those stockings. Hosts: Oh no, we wouldn't dream of asking you to do that. Guest:

Re: [h-cost] Stockings and Charity Sewing

2015-12-23 Thread Carol Kocian
Yeah, the idea of charity sewing adds another dimension… The situation, theoretically, is a female relative visiting (cousin, maybe), with no problem for others to darn stockings or socks in her presence, but not expecting her to work on the immediate family’s old holey socks. Rather than

Re: [h-cost] Gold ornaments from 16c hat, h-costume Digest, Vol 14, Issue 64

2015-12-23 Thread Stevie Gamble Waitrose
Thank you, Catherine. I'm a bit embarrassed not to have spotted this in the Guardian, since I live near both the river and the Museum; they are indeed pretty, and some stylish person must have been very unhappy to lose them and the object they adorned. Stevie Sent from my iPad > On 23 Dec