Re: [h-cost] Response to conditions in Coastal Areas

2005-09-02 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Penny and Susan, While Bjarne's comments were awkward, I read it as his expressing surprise, learning about the diversity of people in America. The comments about Bush were not necessary, although there has been criticism with the slowness of the response. I think it always will

[h-cost] Eras and places (was hippies)

2005-09-03 Thread Carol Kocian
Carolyn said, Berkeley, CA, and the 1960s. You see aging Hippies, and ones whose parents were barely born in the 1960s, on the streets in Berkeley, CA, even today. I have an ageing hippie next door who just turned 40. :-) Do you think, though, that the hippie styles in Berkeley are

Re: [h-cost] Eras and places (was hippies)

2005-09-03 Thread Carol Kocian
Jordana said, On the topic of the south and hoop skirts Were the hoop skirts popular later in the south then the north? I mean, our (ok, mine and I am a typical yankee) picture of THE SOUTH is alweays with ladies in hoops, but I would assume that the north had just as many ladies

Re: [h-cost] regional crinoline fashions

2005-09-03 Thread Carol Kocian
I was looking at the way certain eras of fashion are associated with an area, which is different than what people were actually wearing. It's not the reality, it's what we perceive based on movies, popular culture, etc. Hippies were everywhere, but now identified with Berkeley.

[h-cost] making vs buying clothes

2005-09-03 Thread Carol Kocian
Fran wrote, 1950s dressmaking manuals told women they could make clothes that would look just like RTW, so they didn't have to admit they home sewed. I worked in a clothing store in the early 1980s (got to look at a lot of ready-made), and also took sewing/tailoring/design classes in

Re: [h-cost] 1968 SCA views of medieval clothing

2005-09-04 Thread Carol Kocian
It's always seemed to me that the SCA was there first, as an ongoing amateur reenactment organization. At least first in the US. Do you know what influence it's had on the formation of other reenactment groups, such as American Civil War, and American Revolution? I believe the Markland

Re: [h-cost] 1968 SCA views of medieval clothing

2005-09-04 Thread Carol Kocian
Fran wrote, It's interesting that these also started in that mid-1960s period, whether there was any influence from the SCA or not. A sign of the times, then - the beginning of more activity in hobbies that are intense and not mainstream, yet they gained a good number of participants.

Re: [h-cost] source for 1700-1710 Mantua

2005-10-09 Thread Carol Kocian
Does anyone know of an available source that diagrams a woman's dress from this period? (preferably online, but I'll take what I can get) I'm looking for a basic diagram of something like this:,b.htm Someone diagrammed this gown!

Re: [h-cost] what would you do with 14 yards of wool?

2005-10-14 Thread Carol Kocian
It definitely sounds like a good weight for a gown, any time any place. :-) Embellishement can turn it into a higher class. There's that wool mantua at the Met with the metallic embroidery. Lightweight wool is so wonderful for spring or fall outdoor events. It really depends on what

[h-cost] RE: what would you do with 14 yards of wool?

2005-10-15 Thread Carol Kocian
Hosen Marc With 14 yards? You must have really long legs! Or are you casting an entire forest full of Robin Hood: Men in Hosen? :-) -Carol ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: [h-cost] carpet sweeper

2005-10-18 Thread Carol Kocian
I saw a commercial on TV for a new Swiffer - it's for carpets and has a sticky pad on the inside to catch the sweepings. They show it working with loose items, such as dry cereal. I don't know how well it would work with things that stick, like thread and cat hair. -Carol

Re: [h-cost] a holliday idea

2005-10-24 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi. I would like to participate in this also, but wouldnt there be problems? If i get someone who has interrest in medieval, i would not be much helpfull, have never done any medieval and what then? Bjarne It's funny that some people are suggesting gift categories without even getting a

Re: [h-cost] Holiday Gift exchange - question...clarification

2005-11-03 Thread Carol Kocian
So we are NOT supposed to know who sent us our gift? I just got my assignment, and I'd kinda like to talk to this person. Sounds like we have a lot in common! Good match Dawn! I think the idea is that you reveal who you are when you send the gift. But not beforehand. I imagine there

Re: [h-cost] odd question about toille draping

2005-11-09 Thread Carol Kocian
As long as there are no strange bumps or ridges, it doesn't matter. I'm reminded of the construction of some originals - rather than setting the sleeve into an armscye, it seems that the sleeve tops are eased into place and then the strap or robings are applied on top of them. So

Re: [h-cost] victorian corset with too short busk

2005-11-26 Thread Carol Kocian
This is hindsight, but I would have researched and bought the busk first before starting the corset, and then adjust the corset length so the available busk works. Why do you have to buy the rest of the boning in the same place? Is there a minimum order? The spiral boning

Re: [h-cost] Disposing of fabric

2005-12-06 Thread Carol Kocian
I found a place in the Philadelphia area where I BOUGHT hideous fabric from the 1950s. Actually I think it's cool, a pink, black gray (with a touch of turquoise) modern print for curtains. I agree that you should de-stink the stash and find the market for it. Otherwise you could

Re: [h-cost] eBay Listing Removed: Keyword Spamming

2005-12-07 Thread Carol Kocian
I'm guessing the listing would have been fine six months ago, but now with the movie coming out it has become a brand name. Funny thing about celebrity names and fashion - I know exactly what Madonna boots are, or a Jackie-O pillbox. People's names become synonymous with a style. For

Re: [h-cost] Colonial costume

2005-12-13 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Kitty, First I would recommend the 18th century woman list which is a Yahoo Group - 18cWoman. There is a concentration of people who just do that century, so lots of knowledge and information. Approximately what year of colonial does your friend want? Stomachers went out of

[h-cost] Re:Colonial costume

2005-12-14 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Kitty, Ok, I think I see what you mean - two strips of lace form a V that suggests a stomacher. Which is not at all how gowns of the era were made. Also they typically had low necklines, not a jewel neck. A riding habit would have a high neck, but not a gown. To fill

Re: [h-cost] Panniers question

2005-12-15 Thread Carol Kocian
There is an odd dress from the 1920s, I think in the Met - it has panniers and a train. It was worn at court, so I guess the order against panniers did not last forever! -Carol Suzi said, The wide pannier continued at the English court, as Court Dress, until the death of Queen

Re: [h-cost] Holiday/Secret Santa gifts

2005-12-27 Thread Carol Kocian
Naturally mine was waiting for me today when I got home. :-) Sue Clemenger sent some chocolate truffles (Yum!) and a beautiful blank book covered in green velvet, with a Celtic knotwork animal design embossed into it. Very cool, thank you! -Carol

[h-cost] Re: socks/stocking etc.

2006-01-14 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Mia, Ok, since you mention Cowpens, I'm guessing you're doing Rev War? Hey Carol K, e-friend and sock guru, thanks for all the info on machine/frame knit sock (what is the correct term, or are all the terms correct, but for different techniques?) Framework knitting, stocking

Re: [h-cost] Re: socks/stocking etc.

2006-01-14 Thread Carol Kocian
Carolyn said I'm not much of a knitter, but I have a book called Folk Socks, which has every kind of heel I ever say, and several I never did before, all with knitting instructions for them. (I haven't been following this thread, so I don't know if this book has been mentioned.) It also has

[h-cost] re:knit stockings (long)

2006-01-14 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Kelly, I never said they were the most common, I said they were the best available option; documented period technique using period appropriate fibers. Ok, that's different, then. What dating criteria have you been using in your examinations? As you previously stated this was not a

Re: [h-cost] knit stockings

2006-01-14 Thread Carol Kocian
OK. I can make knit yardgoods (5 knitting machines). What would the stitches per inch be? Is there a decent pattern anywhere? Hi Julie, Kannik's Korner has a pattern for cut sewn stockings. What era are you aiming for? How fine can your machines knit? I suspect they are

Re: [h-cost] 17th Century French hunting dress

2006-01-18 Thread Carol Kocian
Oooh, fun images! In the hunting costumes the ladies wear their hair in the rugged and manly long flowing curls. Has anyone ever seen this hairstyle worn with feminine style dress for this time period? I also like the high heeled shoes with the ice skates strapped on. Cool!

Re: [h-cost] Re: 18c stays

2006-02-01 Thread Carol Kocian
And from all the discussion, it looks like there are a variety of preferences for the boning: - cable ties - reed - metal 1/4 white steel 1/2 white steel 1/4 spiral 1/2 spiral - plastic Dritz featherboning 1/4 Rigiline 1/2 Rigiline Wissner (the German type) in several widths and

Re: [h-cost] Re: Cage crinolines: wire/steel hoops and casings query

2006-02-05 Thread Carol Kocian
I have at least three crins of this period and the wire in them is not quite tubular (think 'linguini and not speggitti).It is flexable but is not bent easily. The originals were fiber cased. Needle Thread in Gettysburg, PA (USA) carries this hooping. At least they did some years back

Re: [h-cost] Knitting Historians?

2006-02-14 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Rosecelin, A good source of knit historians is the Historic Kint list. It's a Yahoogroup, You didn't say what era you friend prefers - different people concentrate on different time periods, cultures, etc. There are a lot of great

Re: [h-cost] colonial

2006-02-15 Thread Carol Kocian
If pictures in books dont suit your taste, then for a good grovel, a CV, and a letter of introduction you can get into the Bath Museum of Costume and fondle the real thing. Other museums have their own rituals of supplication. grin Well, my CV is not applicable because I haven't done

[h-cost] Pink Fox Hunting

2006-02-22 Thread Carol Kocian
Referring to those red fox-hunting jackets as pinks raises the additional question of just what the British historically meant when they called something pink. --Ruth Anne Baumgartner scholar gypsy and amateur costumer My boss, an avid hunter, told me that the red fox-hunting jackets

RE: [h-cost] Alexandrian cap

2006-03-01 Thread Carol Kocian
Kind of like a Smurf hat... It's soft and fits to the head, except for a tip at the top that tends to point or lie forward. -Carol Alas, that helps me not -- what does a Phrygian style hat look like? : ) otsisto [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Would it not be a Phrygian style

Re: [h-cost] semi-OT: waiting for books

2006-03-19 Thread Carol Kocian
I don't believe in the traditional (and outmoded) female role model of constantly saying, of course, it's only my opinion, it's just my two cents, your mileage may vary, what does the rest of the group think? ad nauseum. Tone is not apparent on a list like this one, so I think it's

Re: [h-cost] Quick lace question

2006-04-18 Thread Carol Kocian
So, I don't need a specific date for the technique, just a ballpark half-century or quarter-century in which something visibly recognizable as lace became commonly used as clothing decoration. I know I see recognizable lace all over Elizabethan art, and I don't see it in 14th century art. But

RE: [h-cost] Knight's Tale

2006-04-23 Thread Carol Kocian
Braveheart SharonC., who says Macbeth backstage too, and doesn't spit, turn around, go out and come back in, etc. On the Revlist (American Revolution) some people will write *spit* after they mention the movie, The Patriot. It's a testament to Mel that there are such reactions to his

Re: Subject: Re: [h-cost] Questions, (both on topic and not)

2006-04-26 Thread Carol Kocian
I'll have to check. The guy who invited me is from a unit of Highlanders, but I was thinking I'd just stick to my civilian clothes. Unfortunately, those have about everything I need -- except a coat. OTOH, if it's strictly military thing, I'll probably just stick to modern stuff.

[h-cost] 18thC Bodice, was: A little help please????

2006-04-26 Thread Carol Kocian
I second Ann's suggestion of the 18cWoman list! It's Yahoo Group. There are women's waistcoats, either quilted for warmth and worn over stays (and under a gown), or styled like a man's waistcoat and worn with a riding habit. Jumps are a bit of a mystery, defined as lightly

Re: [h-cost] Historical Paintings

2006-04-26 Thread Carol Kocian
Speaking of historical paintings, what are your favorites for costume inspiration? I'm sure we've all copied a portrait to make something. -Carol ___ h-costume mailing list

[h-cost] Multiple textile techniques...

2006-05-27 Thread Carol Kocian
I learned to crochet first when I was little, and discovered it was very easy to shape it various ways. I was actually resistant to knitting, because at the time it was not as interesting. I remember a Girl Scout troop project (I was about 9), knitting scarves. They only showed us

[h-cost] The delete button...

2006-07-16 Thread Carol Kocian
Don't you people know about the DELETE button on your computer? If there is a subject you aren't interested in - delete it. I agree - this list covers diverse time periods, and there will be topics not of interest to everyone. I would like to ask (and I hope it's ok with the

[h-cost] Fwd: Unique Internship for Costume Students

2006-09-09 Thread Carol Kocian
This was on a museum list. I e-mailed Eva, and she asked to please share with other lists! - Hello, I'm writing in hopes that you know of a talented student who might be interested in the following internship at the Merchant's House Museum. This is the first time we've

Re: [h-cost] Harmful Fabrics

2006-10-29 Thread Carol Kocian
As if the dyes and finishes were not enough... I heard about something called silk rot, which will consume destroy silk faster than time in general. I broke out after handling some 1880s/90s items, ad that was suggested as a cause. In that case the item should be removed from

Re: [h-cost] a question about museums

2006-11-26 Thread Carol Kocian
It depends on whether the museum has photos or slides available of objects. Besides postcards and prints, some museums have professionally made slides of various objects. f they have them, they will sell them! :-) It's a question for the specific museum. If you wanted

Re: [h-cost] 1450 - pregnant?

2006-12-25 Thread Carol Kocian
On Dec 25, 2006, at 12:54 PM, Robin Netherton wrote: On Mon, 25 Dec 2006, Robin Netherton wrote: This is the one I like -- look at Elizabeth's left side, and you'll see the side seam has been opened and laced with a gap. You can see the dark underdress beneath.

Re: [h-cost] Metrosexual???? OT

2007-05-05 Thread Carol Kocian
Right, as others have said, it's not about sexual activity, it's about grooming. My personal line of definition — hair gel. :-) It can be as simple as that, and also guys who get manicures, facials and have their eyebrows pruned shaped. -Carol On May 5, 2007, at 2:48 PM,

Re: [h-cost] New Simplicity patterns

2007-07-22 Thread Carol Kocian
Actually that looks like the stays rather than a stomacher. The shape and length looks fine. Generally the stomacher is where you would have some contrast — a focal point. They have that with the bows, but the stomacher could be a different color, too. With the underpinnings

[h-cost] Re: bra centenary

2007-08-26 Thread Carol Kocian
It works if you go to: and click the link from there. I changed the subject line because it was offensive. The history is brief, captions on each of 12 photos. It's done in a factual way and not as a men's entertainment piece. It's not porn. I

[h-cost] Speaking of fleece...

2007-11-11 Thread Carol Kocian
in the fiber. Thanks! -Carol Kocian [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: Tango in a Hoop (was [h-cost] What's your dressmaker's wearing?)

2007-12-06 Thread Carol Kocian
Also have you tried a bridal shop? Any time I've seen a bride's garter, they are blue and white and sometimes with a little ornament (white bell, etc) added. As far as finding/making things, that's something you can assign to a bridesmaid to research and get for you. ;-)

Re: [h-cost] Old fashion in fashion

2008-04-06 Thread Carol Kocian
Well, recycling old clothes to the current fashion has been done throughout history. I think it's due to the post-WWII consumerism that we're not used to it the way our ancestors were. Whether something is thrown out or worn to rags, it's gone. I think what vexes many

Re: [h-cost] Old fashion in fashion

2008-04-07 Thread Carol Kocian
I have to agree with the person who posted about shoe styles. When an era is the current trend, then we have shoes available, as well as fabrics and the occasional ready-to-wear item that will do for the historic look. But yes, shoes especially! Most reenactment shoes are pricey,

Re: [h-cost] crochet 18th C

2008-05-07 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 7, 2008, at 10:15 PM, Chris Laning wrote: As I've said, I'm quite willing to believe Bjarne's example may be chain stitches and attachments made with a hook; I'm not dead set against there being crochet in the 18th century. Really, I do understand why people keep trying to find

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 13, 2008, at 11:05 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I also own a very old stocking knitting machine that is circular. I haven't done anything with that yet. I am curious to see if I could make stockings on it that re enactors could use. It depends on the era and accuracy

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 14, 2008, at 12:38 AM, Lavolta Press wrote: How much is it like using a weaving loom? With either, it depends on how you set it up and your project. The motion of a home knitting machine is to slide the carriage back forth, simpler than raising the sheds and throwing a

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 14, 2008, at 5:21 PM, Andrew T Trembley wrote: Unfortunately, your impression seems to be about right. Both Passap (the most advanced European manufacturer) and Brother (the biggest Japanese manufacturer) no longer produce knitting machines. Then maybe secondhand machines

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 14, 2008, at 9:49 PM, Lavolta Press wrote: I thought fine gauge might be nice for lacey knits. Or use thin yarn on a medium gauge machine. I suppose I should consider taking up hand knitting, but I've got this childhood block about it. I suppose counting stitches is not so

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 14, 2008, at 10:21 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I should think I could even use my straight knitting machines to make the stockings if I wanted a seam up the back. And even if you knit them by hand you're going to have some give because of the nature of the stitches. You

Re: [h-cost] Number of machines.Was Sewing and Embroidery Machines

2008-05-14 Thread Carol Kocian
So why do people have so many? Do you not trade in the old one when buying a new one, which is what I do? Do you have machines that do different things? Tee hee - sewing machines are like cars, and it's all a matter of how you buy them. Some people upgrade every few years, others

Re: [h-cost] Knitting machines

2008-05-15 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 15, 2008, at 10:28 AM, Bambi TBNL wrote: Well actually you remember having the spool with the nails and the yarn got looped over the nail and then you wrapped again and...well if you ever had one...this is making sense...a knitting loom is sort of like that concept with the

Re: [h-cost] preserving patterns — paper

2008-06-25 Thread Carol Kocian
What is your favorite method of preserving patterns to keep them intact? In the past, I have fused the tissue to muslin, but those were *very* simple children's play clothes, and eyeballing the cutting line for a smaller size was simple. I rarely use commercial patterns; usually I

Re: [h-cost] Stockings query

2008-11-28 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Kate, Good thing you have 17th century in your signature — that's the period for your stockings, right? Ok so at the ankle, you're holding the stitches at the front and knitting the heel flap. Then you have to form the part that cups around the heel. Knit halfway

Re: [h-cost] Costume- and sewing-related Christmas gifts

2008-12-30 Thread Carol Kocian
On Dec 30, 2008, at 12:29 PM, Dianne wrote: Oh yeah, and a flying monkey :). I need to make him a little vest.. Catherine perk? Flying monkey? My SCA coat of arms is a winged monkey. Any clue where he came from? Dianne This is funny — the Air Space Museum has a monkey in a

Re: [h-cost] Yellowed silk

2009-01-04 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 4, 2009, at 2:29 PM, Robin Netherton wrote: It can take a little while for the bleach to do its work. I suppose that is why you can use certain (weak) bleach products to alter the color of your hair and not end up bald ... but it's certainly not good for your hair. Years ago, I

Re: [h-cost] Mr Darcy outfit

2009-03-07 Thread Carol Kocian
Yes — assemble both the outer layer and the lining, but leave open both side seams. Put them right sides together and sew along the circumference: neck, center front, lower fronts. Armscyes. Bottom back edge. Do not sew the side seams. Turn it inside out and press.

Re: [h-cost] The fit of 17th century stockings?

2009-04-05 Thread Carol Kocian
On Apr 4, 2009, at 5:05 PM, Chris Laning wrote: I'm working on a project that involves constructing some mid-17th- century stockings, and my own expertise (such as it is) is really only with earlier centuries. So far, the results I seem to be getting suggest that either (1) these

Re: [h-cost] Peacock Wedding Dress

2009-04-13 Thread Carol Kocian
I had some white peacock feathers at one time. I suspect they were bleached. The gold section was still metallic looking and another part was pinkish, with the rest being a cream color. They would have made quite an impressive dress, too.

Re: [h-cost] Peacock Wedding Dress

2009-04-13 Thread Carol Kocian
Now that I've looked at the albino peacocks, I definitely think my feathers were bleached. The albinos are pure white and the bleached feathers had a bit of color still on them. Also I saw a web page where they sold bleached peacock, as well as overdyed. The dyed are not

Re: [h-cost] 18th century Tricorn hats ....round heads...not!...maybe

2009-04-15 Thread Carol Kocian
The purpose of the point over the left eye was so the musket barrel would not hit it. There are probably caricatures of hats being worn back on the head, but the fashion was straight. I remember hearing that 17thC hats were round rather than oval, and the distortion when

Re: [h-cost] CC27 historical judge talks about workmanship and historical interpretation

2009-05-08 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 8, 2009, at 1:53 PM, Käthe Barrows wrote: Of course, there are periods where a raw edge is more authentic than finished edges. But if you'd documented the lack of seam finish, and if your other hand-sewing was good, the lack of seam finish would have looked deliberate, not like

Re: [h-cost] CC27 historical judge talks about workmanship and historical

2009-05-09 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 9, 2009, at 8:11 AM, wrote: But period correct fabrics are more than available (easily), like fulled wools, (admittedly I do live near several of the best wool mills in Europe), Must be nice! :-) It's all a matter of compromise — the correct

Re: [h-cost] CC27 historical judge talks about workmanship and historical

2009-05-09 Thread Carol Kocian
Judges of competitions have a difficult job of determining which compromise is better than another, not to mention comparing work portraying different time periods! On May 9, 2009, at 12:22 PM, Käthe Barrows wrote: Don't start thinking one period is compared to another period in

Re: [h-cost] Temporary facial hair

2009-07-01 Thread Carol Kocian
Don't they offer beards outside, like the stoning scene in Life of Brian? :-D -Carol ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: [h-cost] Bowing to the inevitable

2009-08-07 Thread Carol Kocian
On Aug 4, 2009, at 5:47 PM, Lavolta Press wrote: I really can't see reading Twitter, it sounds like my idea of Hell. You add each person you want to follow — so you can control the signal to noise ratio. I imagine it's handy for people who are away from their computers for most of

Re: [h-cost] early 17th century stays and bodice

2009-08-09 Thread Carol Kocian
We are used to certain rules in dress, but sometimes ethnic (anything not English) will break those rules. The image you showed looks like a jacket. There were stays with detachable sleeves that are meant to be an outer garment, up to the middle of the 18thC. For 17thC, there are

Re: [h-cost] Venetian Carnevale Gown

2009-08-11 Thread Carol Kocian
On Aug 11, 2009, at 4:05 PM, Michael Hamilton wrote: My wife and I are living in Italy for a few years, and have made a goal to go to Carnevale in Venice next February. What a wonderful opportunity! I've been searching the web for examples and patterns to work from for her gown.

Re: [h-cost] Fabric suggestions - Marie Antoinette 1786 portrait

2009-08-12 Thread Carol Kocian
That's a chemise dress. It would have been linen or cotton. Yes,they made it that sheer back then. On Aug 12, 2009, at 9:34 PM, Laurie Taylor wrote: Hello, My mad scramble to get myself ready for Costume College left me with a new goal, but I'm very uncertain about fabric. I

Re: [h-cost] Fabric suggestions - Marie Antoinette 1786 portrait

2009-08-13 Thread Carol Kocian
On Aug 13, 2009, at 9:29 AM, wrote: Yes, that is the infamous chemise gown and would have been made of lightweight linen or cotton--supposed Marie Antoinette adopted the style worn by the Creoles in the hot and steamy Caribbean. It is possible that, during the time, an

Re: [h-cost] Color dye mixing

2009-09-25 Thread Carol Kocian
Test it first. I once had some teal wool that I wanted to dye navy, and the dye did nothing. Then I treated it with a color remover, and got a school-bus yellow, which took the navy dye perfectly. Whatever that teal dye was, it saturated the fibers so nothing more could be

Re: [h-cost] Pattern Question - 18th C. Caraco - Butterick 3640

2009-10-03 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Laurie, I'm looking at making do with Butterick 3640, view A. I do realize that this is one of the Big 4 companies' silly attempts at historical accuracy, and therefore, not period correct. Some of it I can live with, and some I can fix. I'm trying to decide what really needs

Re: [h-cost] How to do a regency-era neckline

2009-10-25 Thread Carol Kocian
That was my thought, too — not a single twisted tube, but faked somehow. I thought it might be cut into a separate piece for each twist, but I suppose two strips could work as Sharon suggests. How about that front embellishment? Is that like a really tiny spaghetti strap, maybe

Re: [h-cost] Online dictionary of colors with color swatches

2010-01-01 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 1, 2010, at 3:59 PM, Lavolta Press wrote: On 1/1/2010 12:39 PM, Marjorie Wilser wrote: Then there's the Pantone system for printing. Trouble is, they change the colors according to popularity, and the swatch books are expensive. Pantone doesn't change the colors as far as I know,

Re: [h-cost] Online dictionary of colors with color swatches

2010-01-01 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 1, 2010, at 6:27 PM, Lavolta Press wrote: Fran is correct regarding Pantone, however the books are expensive and recommended to be replaced every year. It was developed specifically for the printing industry — there are some basic ink colors that are mixed in various combinations

Re: [h-cost] Online dictionary of colors with color swatches

2010-01-02 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 1, 2010, at 9:32 PM, Lavolta Press wrote: For one thing, it's Pantone who recommends that the swatches be replaced every year. I'm only on my third Pantone fan, and I've been working with them for 15 years. When I've replaced them I've compared the old and new swatches. They don't

Re: [h-cost] Online dictionary of colors with color swatches

2010-01-02 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 2, 2010, at 2:05 PM, Kimiko Small wrote: Then may I suggest we drop this topic asap? Please? Kimiko I'm still interested in hearing other experiences with using color systems regarding historic costuming. One other benefit for those who work with printers — if it's a

Re: [h-cost] Online dictionary of colors with color swatches

2010-01-03 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 3, 2010, at 5:58 PM, Marjorie Wilser wrote: You are right, Chris, that the link is helpful; what I was originally trying to point out in my response was that if only there were a precise color guide, we could describe colors and be understood perfectly by our correspondents

Re: [h-cost] Chalking a line

2010-01-13 Thread Carol Kocian
On Jan 13, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Alexandria Doyle wrote: I can help but think that running the basting line will take nearly as long to do as doing the couching. I know it won't, I just finished the pearling on the collar and I had the pattern drawn out of muslin, and basted to the black

Re: [h-cost] mangle RE: An amusing error?

2010-01-18 Thread Carol Kocian
With either use of the word, though, it seems that the book was not quite right in the order of operations. It's definitely out of order for a wringer. I'm not sure what they mean by blued and starched by hand. Blueing is added to the water, and even using spray starch these days

Re: [h-cost] Is this real or not?

2010-02-06 Thread Carol Kocian
I've heard of post-mortem photos that are taken of the person in a coffin. Are there other examples of them with a dead person posed sitting up? There is something on the side of her head which could be a barrette or could be a head prop or rest of some sort. It does not look

Re: [h-cost] Is this real or not?

2010-02-06 Thread Carol Kocian
Hi Penny, It's still a little tricky — I see jpg artifacts — it's different than if you had the photo and did a hi-res scan yourself. The white pixels around the flower stems could be from sharpening the image file. I see the same effect between the man's sleeve and the background,

Re: [h-cost] OMG! The sale price

2010-02-10 Thread Carol Kocian
On Feb 10, 2010, at 4:53 PM, Sharon Collier wrote: No, with our sewing skills, we could make new old photos, and pose them any way we liked! I have a friend who knows how to do the old colloidal (sp?) type of photography.. (grin) Sharon How about the med student who can

Re: [h-cost] What is this woman making?

2010-02-14 Thread Carol Kocian
On Feb 14, 2010, at 3:29 PM, Charlene Charette wrote: This is an excerpt from P. Hilleström's A Conversation at Drottningholm, 1779 (I wasn't able to find a detailed picture online, so I scanned this from a book):

Re: [h-cost] What is this woman making?

2010-02-15 Thread Carol Kocian
The same activity, as in needlework? They each seem to have a different project. The one on the right is sewing / mending with black thread on green fabric. No embroidery hoop. The one second from the left, knitting? And the far left lady has an pointy thing but we can't see what

Re: [h-cost] What are these ladies doing? (because we're no longer talking about just the lady in the middle...

2010-02-16 Thread Carol Kocian
taught thread. Her work resembles crocheted lace more than knitting. Had to get my 2Cent worth. It's amazing how much comment this thread has engendered. Cheryl Odom Santa Fe, New Mexico Carol Kocian wrote: I'm more curious about the woman who appears to be knitting something lace

Re: [h-cost] Look at this photo YIPPEE!!!

2010-04-06 Thread Carol Kocian
Congratulations! Were you able to find out about hand-tinting of stereoviews? Would it have developed at a different time than hand- tinting single photos? -Carol On Apr 6, 2010, at 3:35 AM, Penny Ladnier wrote: I am now the VERY proud owner of the photo. I finally decided to

Re: [h-cost] Victorian Hair:

2010-04-28 Thread Carol Kocian
There are salons that specialize in long hair, conditioning rather than cutting. While they may also have modern sensibilities regarding styles, they do know how to handle long lengths. The idea of bringing a picture or two is a good one. The George Michael Salon in New York

Re: [h-cost] late 18th century velvet accessories?

2010-05-06 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 6, 2010, at 7:43 PM, landofoz wrote: Has anybody got any suggestions on an 18th century accessory that would use only one metre of velvet (something to keep warm would be good as July is the middle of winter for those of us in the southern hemisphere) Denise B wrote, Would a

[h-cost] Subject lines, was Re: h-costume Digest, Vol 9, Issue 144

2010-05-12 Thread Carol Kocian
A request — please update subject lines when you change the subject! With such a varied range of interests, it helps people to know which posts they want to read and which ones to skip. The fabric on your site is lovely and I'd hate to have people miss it. Thank you!

Re: [h-cost] Question of fair use

2010-05-12 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 12, 2010, at 6:42 PM, Zuzana Kraemerova wrote: Tell me one thing. How would be the situation if I asked the museum for close up photos of the fabric? I would do the design with help of these pictures. The result would be the same. Maybe I will do it, I will ask the museum for close

Re: [h-cost] Brocade and Fair Use

2010-05-13 Thread Carol Kocian
There are two different issues here. One is copyright, regarding making a copy of part of a book. There are other ways to get the information, for example Inter Library Loan or looking at a friend's copy. Or asking the friend if the book contains a particular thing. If one is

Re: [h-cost] Brocade and Fair Usegalities

2010-05-13 Thread Carol Kocian
On May 13, 2010, at 3:08 PM, R Lloyd Mitchell wrote: Coming late into this discussion, I have found myself wondering about how commercial companies (say Waverly) go about reproducing fabrics from the historical perspective (say Winterthur or Williamsburg). Permission to copy?? Permission

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