Re: [h-cost] red for marriage dress

2012-11-16 Thread Catherine Walton
just for comparison, here's a short item from my newspaper today about changes in the use of red in China, where wedding gowns used to be red Catherine Linda Walton (in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, U.K.). Color red takes on new meanings in modern China | World news | The Guardian = The

[h-cost] Sir Edmund Verney's gold doublet

2013-01-13 Thread Catherine Walton
To wish everyone on this list a bright New Year, I'm sending you this link to a photo of a brilliant garment, which I came across recently by some serendipity:- exhibition of Sir Edmund's gold doublet, circa 1633 It can

Re: [h-cost] Sir Edmund Verney's gold doublet

2013-01-13 Thread Catherine Walton
Me too! (I expect that almost all such work is done by volunteers, so we must forgive.) Catherine. On 13/01/2013 19:58, Emily Gilbert wrote: I'm charmed that this photo is titled Godl Doublet! Emily ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: [h-cost] Sir Edmund Verney's gold doublet

2013-01-14 Thread Catherine Walton
in all the lists. Sir Edmund disliked this portrait of himself, and it was marked, 'done in Spain -- unlike'. Rich in colouring, sash green and gold, the sleeves a dark red over white. Hoping this is of interest, Catherine Walton. On 14/01/2013 09:34, Kate Bunting wrote: Wow - stunning

[h-cost] Iron age tunic found in melting snow.

2013-08-30 Thread Catherine Walton
I thought you might like to see the photograph and read the piece about this complete tunic found in melting snow in Norway. It is thought to have been made between 230 and 390 AD. (There were also some archery equipment from a much earlier period revealed as the snow retreats.)

[h-cost] New York exhibition: a history of lingerie (pictures)

2014-06-03 Thread Catherine Walton
:// Catherine Walton (in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, U.K.). ___ h-costume mailing list

[h-cost] 3,300-year-old trousers found in China

2014-06-06 Thread Catherine Walton ___ h-costume mailing list

[h-cost] Curious fashion in footwear - c.1869

2014-07-19 Thread Catherine Walton
. . . a spice of wickedness as well as of folly . . . ___ h-costume mailing list

Re: [h-cost] Is h-costume still going? [and mouse proof underwear]

2015-12-16 Thread Catherine Walton
On 17/12/2015 06:17, Carol Kocian wrote: Hi all, Is h-costume still going? [snip] I've been wondering that, too. I found a reference to a lady's "mouse proof" underwear, which piqued my curiosity, but I hesitated to post about it because the list had been so quiet lately. Cather

Re: [h-cost] Mouse-proof underwear

2015-12-17 Thread Catherine Walton
On 17/12/2015 22:28, Catherine Olanich Raymond wrote: Ah, I understand now. I thought that "mouse-proof" underwear was underwear that wouldn't be eaten by mice. But apparently Miss Browning's underwear were meant to mouse-proof the wearer. Oh - sorry: I missed the ambiguity. I hope I

[h-cost] Gold ornaments from C16th hat found on Thames foreshore

2015-12-23 Thread Catherine Walton
Here is a newspaper item with a good photo of the aiglets, beads, etc. found by the 'mudlarks':- It is thought that they all came from one hat, although found by different people at different times,

Re: [h-cost] Who's still here? & smock question

2015-12-18 Thread Catherine Walton
Hello Susan, I've sent a reply to the list, but it hasn't appeared yet, so I'll copy it below. Catherine. On 18/12/2015 05:10, Susan wrote: Hi all, I'm still here. I get fed up with facebook, and rarely with email lists, so happy to see people. Since you're all here ... I've just gotten

[h-cost] RIP: Catherine Linda Walton

2016-04-13 Thread Catherine Walton
This is to let you know that my wife and member of this group Catherine Linda Walton passed away on the 23rd March. Her funeral is on the 14th April. The breast cancer, which she had about 30 years ago, came back and spread. By the time we realised there was nothing that could be done but