[h-cost] Re what's my dressmaking dummy is wearing today

2012-11-16 Thread Stevie Gamble Waitrose
A knitted (alpaca silk blend) bolero- I'm using it to block it. I realise this is somewhat eccentric but I think it works better than the traditional method. Also, I'm lazy... Stevie Sent from my iPad On 17 Nov 2012, at 01:28, h-costume-requ...@indra.com wrote: com

Re: [h-cost] h-costume Digest, Vol 14, Issue 60 'Who's still here?'

2015-12-19 Thread Stevie Gamble Waitrose
Well, I've been subscribing, but had a lengthy detour from sewing via knitting and even some weaving. However, a friend who does serious quilting, and this thread combined together were the spark I needed to start thinking about a major sewing project once again. I have a very large stash of

Re: [h-cost] Gold ornaments from 16c hat, h-costume Digest, Vol 14, Issue 64

2015-12-23 Thread Stevie Gamble Waitrose
Thank you, Catherine. I'm a bit embarrassed not to have spotted this in the Guardian, since I live near both the river and the Museum; they are indeed pretty, and some stylish person must have been very unhappy to lose them and the object they adorned. Stevie Sent from my iPad > On 23 Dec