[hackers] File release: event module 0.1.1

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/ Test: http://dean.sf.net/ New and fully working version out. Still rather rough around the edges, but a solid release. Post your observations/complaints as comments on the test page. If you want more frequent updates or want to help make sure you are on

[hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-19 Thread Joshua Koenig
Hey all, My hometown Meetup group in Eugene (lane county) somehow got the following domain for their activities: http://dean2004.lane.or.us/ I'll inquire. If there's free country namespace nationwide, this could be a good option for our network users. cheers -josh

[hackers] Smart Mobs

2003-07-19 Thread Dave Pentecost
If you haven't seen it, Howard Rheingold picked up on the Wired article and posted an excerpt and comment on his site. http://www.smartmobs.com/archives/001292.html Good work Zach, and all the team! Dave Pentecost

[hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-19 Thread Howard Vicini
Josh all, I have sent this information before, but maybe you weren't thinking along these lines yet ... I already own www.dean4america.us and, as I have said, I registered it for just such a purpose ... I thought perhaps the '4' vs 'for' could become the subtle, distinguishing factor between

Re: [hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Domains are easy to come by. We need to find some servers. Anything supporting PHP and SQL will do. Hoefully we will find some grassroots organizations with hosts, but we, as shown by the current state of americansfordean.com, need reliable servers with bandwidth to survive a campaign. -Neil