Re: [hackers] Installation problem may be solved

2003-07-21 Thread Joshua Koenig
My drupal files were hung up in public ftp and were not moved automatically into public html. I think I'm all set now...but I'm sure others will end up having this same problem and the installation directions should be more simple and easy to follow. Okay, now that I appear to have drupal

[hackers] Mailinglist Archives...

2003-07-21 Thread zrosen
Thanks to Moshe for the pointer... they are up at: And will be adding links on the Hack4Dean page now. -Zack

Re: [hackers] [developers] SourceForge sandbox and code licenses

2003-07-21 Thread Neil Drumm
On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, zrosen wrote: I dont know enough about code liscenses to comment on which to choose. Id suspect though if Drupal is GNU GPL and most things are GNU GPL the GNU GPL is just fine, and we cant change it anyway - because that is what Drupal is. Amd I wrong? Drupal and

[hackers] Greetings...

2003-07-21 Thread zrosen
The meeting with Zephyr went extremely well. It is still amazing to me how much they (HQ) are willing to roll with whatever we throw at them. Here are a few quick things before I head off to bed. - I recieved fairly detailed design instructions from Zephyr for the Talent Database web app.