[hackers] File release: event module 0.1.1

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/
Test: http://dean.sf.net/

New and fully working version out. Still rather rough around the edges, but a solid 
release. Post your observations/complaints as comments on the test page.

If you want more frequent updates or want to help make sure you are on [EMAIL 

How often does everyone want to see updates from developers on this list? You will get 
them at least every time we have a question that significantly affects the system or 
user experience, but what else do you expect to see?


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Re: [hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Domains are easy to come by. We need to find some servers. Anything supporting PHP and 
SQL will do. Hoefully we will find some grassroots organizations with hosts, but we, 
as shown by the current state of americansfordean.com, need reliable servers with 
bandwidth to survive a campaign.


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On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Howard Vicini wrote:

 Josh  all,
 I have sent this information before, but maybe you weren't thinking along
 these lines yet ...
 I already own www.dean4america.us  and, as I have said, I registered it for
 just such a purpose ...
 I thought perhaps the '4' vs 'for' could become the subtle, distinguishing
 factor between volunteer vs official Dean sites ... er, nodes ...
 You are welcome to it, and I am willing to give up ownership to the group,
 as long as you are certain that you will put it to use.
 - Original Message - 
 From: Joshua Koenig [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 4:55 PM
 Subject: [hackers] Names and Domains
  Hey all,
  My hometown Meetup group in Eugene (lane county) somehow got the
  following domain for their activities:
  I'll inquire. If there's free country namespace nationwide, this could
  be a good option for our network users.
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Re: [hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-20 Thread Neil Drumm
First, thank you for taking a stab at themes. I hope all is going well for you and 
everone else in that area. Please let us know when you have something.

Before anyone goes and buys things there are probably FEC rules. I think I saw 
something come over the list saying there was a $250 personal max, but don't quote me 
on that. Because of our unclear legal status we should be careful in that area. For 
now I think having each site find its own hosting is best. If a site is willing and 
has the resources we can put other area sites on their server. Our legal status should 
clear up soon so we can feel free to make definitive decisions on this.

Having said that we should find places which will cooperate with us and individual 
sites for hosting. If we have a list of these ready we can get individual sites up 
quicker. I will start a page on the wiki under OpenDecisons for us to catalog these 
potential hosting providers and discuss issues.

We will need a place to put our server which will house MetaDean. It looks like the 
current home of americansfordean.com isn't quite up to it.

I should note that I have never run a high traffic website or bought hosting so I am 
not an expert on this issue. I can make a rough estimate for bandwidth or pocessor 
use, but I don't think any of us quite know how big this will get.

As for domain names, I think that also is being limited by our ambiguous status. As 
far as I can tell we only really need one or two for top level stuff, which we have. 
Domains for individual sites can still go through fordean.net or we can get more for 

On the software side we are not quite ready, there is still much to do. On the legal 
side we still need to define ourselves. When these are ready I expect we will do what 
we can with our current servers. At some point we will probably have to move over to 
some other hosting provider or find something for some individual sites. Until then I 
think we need to work on the things at hand and be ready for rolling out these 
services quickly.

This is ambitious project we need to take one step at a time while looking ahead and, 
most importantly, we need to keep moving.


(sorry for the long posts, please consider responding off list if appropriate)

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Re: [hackers] [developers] SourceForge sandbox and code licenses

2003-07-21 Thread Neil Drumm
On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, zrosen wrote:

 I dont know enough about code liscenses to comment on which to choose.  Id 
 suspect though if Drupal is GNU GPL and most things are GNU GPL the GNU GPL is 
 just fine, and we  cant change it anyway - because that is what Drupal is.  
 Amd I wrong?

Drupal and most of its modules are GNU GPL, but our modules don't have to be. I've 
done a bit of copy/paste coding so mine must be GNU GPL. The way we distribute 
everything might require it to all be GPLed. So everyone making a module should use 
the GNU GPL. If you don't want that for some reason I'll look through the license and 
see if there are specifics that allow it.


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[hackers] p2p use for media

2003-07-23 Thread Neil Drumm
If we are going to use a p2p app for media distribution we should keep it strictly 
server side. Site A posts some media and as soon as sites B, C, and D decide to 
publish on their sites the software starts getting a local copy with bittorrent or 
whatever. Users of sites will see basic links as usual over http.

That is only an idea, I have not used p2p apps much (don't need them on a campus) and 
would not know how to code it without some research, maybe someone here could do it 
easily or already has. Lets keep implementation details on developers if we decide 
this sort of thing would be useful.


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[hackers] Drupal modules status

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
Apparently we are supposed to finish these within a week so I should report our status 
and ask for any direction or help.

event.module is working nicely, but still has some rough edges. I am going to clean it 
up a bit today and tomorrow.

export.module is working well. It might need some more tags such as category and 
something to store the site's zipcode if it wants to be on a dynamically generated 
map. I know about category, but would like specific suggestions on other tags. I will 
add in 

import.module Moshe has a working version in his sandbox. As far as I know everything 
is working as it should execept aggregating special node types (particularly event).

And now for the bad news; that is all I know of that is working and being worked on. 
We still have action, endorse, mailinglist, and media to build. I believe the design 
of action and media are still being worked out on this list. Endorse should be 
straightforward for anyone that wants to do it (if I do it, which I will if needed, I 
want to see some samples or a simple mockup). There are some great ideas for 
mailinglist in the wiki.

We need to get the specific functionality of these modules nailed down and in the 
wiki. Once that is done we need people to sit down for a few hours and get them done.


[hackers] Themes released on SourceForge

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
I put bluesky, simpledean, and Dean01 in a single tarball and released them on 
http://sf.net/projects/dean/. I will install them on http://dean.sf.net/ as soon as 
that web server decides to cooperate (probably by later tonight) so you can try them 
out for yourself.

Has anyone contacted the people running http://indianafordean.org/ yet? Their site is 
themed nicely and we might want to grab that.


[hackers] Footers in themes

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
From what I have seen none of the three themes properly include the footer. This is 
necessary for sites which would like to use a nonstandard footer (of course the 
defualt ones will have a creative commons logo and a disclaimer).

For example the SourceFogre sandbox includes a SourceForge icon in the footer that SF 
requires to be visible and generates the statistics. For this reason I am going to 
turn marvin back on as the default.

Dean01 could use some text in the header like simpledean uses.


Re: [hackers] A current endorse dean page...

2003-07-25 Thread Neil Drumm
From what I know about endorse it is a form you fill out and spam all your friends 
with some premade Dean messages. That link looks like something to gather names 
(which we can also do, where do we put them?).

The deanvolunteers page is closer to the talent database. How is that part going? We 
won't be duplicating or conflicting with the DeanVolunteers effort if we make that 
will we?


 Original message 
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 13:03:42 -0400
From: Shannon Little [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
Subject: [hackers] A current endorse dean page...  

Here is the link:


[hackers] Themes upgraded in SF sandbox

2003-07-26 Thread Neil Drumm
See them in action:

Download them for yourself:

bluesky - removed screenshots and fixed footer
Dean01 - fixed footer
simpledean - newer version
supersimpledean - new theme

Let me know if you change your theme included in this distribution and if you have any 
more themes to include. Great work making these, keep it up.


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[hackers] Event 0.3 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm


New things are the upcoming events block and the calendar which appears when you click 
the header of the small broswe events calendar. I've exhaused my ideas for event 
browseability, please let me know if there are any features which would enhance that.

Themers: The large calendar has the same css classes as the small one, but with the 
container of calendar-large instead of calendar. Please add some color.

Next for me: meetup.com style rsvp and email reminders (but not venue voting, that 
will have to separately use the poll module). There will be a SQL change for this.


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[hackers] Themes 0.4 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/
Test: http://dean.sf.net/
Notes:Added aldon4dean and campaign. Updated bluesky and supersimpledean. Added a 


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Re: [hackers] PHP hosting recommendations for DeanSpace?

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Multiple MySQL DBs would be rather nice. We could easily run multiple insances of 
Drupal then (our site, sample site, development site, sandboxes for developers).

Also what will be the file access scheme? Will multiple developers be able to change 
files they control around like they can on the SourceForge sandbox?


aim: ndrumm3

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, John P. Hoke wrote:

 I currently use PSekHosting.com and they are great ... I have a 20g
 transfer plan for like 179/year and up 20 domains (with unlimited
 subdomains and 20 mySQL dbs, etc)
 John P. Hoke
 My gpg public key is available at http://www.hoke.org/pubkey.php
 Random thoughts...
 In my wanderings I have run across magic many times -- 
 which simply says that I have seen wonders I could not explain.
 --Lazurus Long, Time Enough For Love
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 On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 19:02, CMR wrote:
  We're ready to move on this but wanted to get everyone's input on a
  good php/mysql-friendly hosting outfit; we're looking at
  either http://www.neureal.com or
  http://www.ixwebhosting.com/ currently; similar deals; we figure 20
  gigs transfer a mon will be plenty; good
  price/features/reliability/support ratio is the dream
  --enter gratuitous quotation that implies my profundity here--

[hackers] Event 0.3.2 released

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Fixed a couple annoying things: for events to be in the upcoming events block or feed 
they had to be promoted and searching events by day searched in the server's timezone, 
not yours. If you happen to be upgrading only event.module changed.

This should be the last release before 0.4 which will have an online RSVP option which 
means nondestructive database changes.


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[hackers] sidebar.module

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Design Doc:

This module will enable admins to create sidebars such as those on the right side of 
DFA's website and share elements using RSS.

Zephyr: I would like to see at least three RSS 2.0 feeds from DFA:
-hot items which admins will be encouraged to automatically show (bats)
-everything else which site admins can pick and choose from, new items might not auto 
-DeanTeam thermometer for a single team member
-and maybe some feeds with other styles or targeted subsets

I will see how big of a dent in the coding I can make tonight and will post to CVS.


aim: ndrumm3

Re: [hackers] sidebar.module

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
I'd like to avoid javascript if at all possible. Doing stuff server side is almost 
always better.

We are looking for flexibility and easy administration.


 Original message 
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 10:34:55 -0700
From: Lynn Siprelle [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
Subject: Re: [hackers] sidebar.module  

 Zephyr: I would like to see at least three RSS 2.0 feeds from DFA:
 -hot items which admins will be encouraged to automatically show (bats)
 -everything else which site admins can pick and choose from, new items 
 might not auto show
 -DeanTeam thermometer for a single team member
 -and maybe some feeds with other styles or targeted subsets

Question: Couldn't this be easily handled with a javascript call so 
that DFA could just plug in whatever they wanted? Or are we aiming for 
uber-flexibility? Just wondering.

Lynn S.

Lynn Siprelle * Writer, Mother, Programmer, Fiber Artisan
The New Homemaker: http://www.newhomemaker.com/
Siprelle  Associates: http://www.siprelle.com/
People-Powered Howard! http://www.deanforamerica.com/

[hackers] make_block.module

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
After some talking with Moshe, sidebar.module has become a much simpler 
make_block.module. The new module will fit into Drupal much better. The design doc is 


This page is a bit sparse on implementation details and heavy on design issues for 
content creators such as DFA. Make sure if you forward this to someone who is not 
familiar with Drupal they know node is a peice of content and a blocks make a sidebar.

As for tools DFA can use to make this, they should be able to use anything that 
creates RSS as the feed will involve nothing special.

Here are my current ideas for DFA generated feeds:
-linked images such as those on the right side of DFA's website
-text, possibly with icons
-thermometer or other views of DeanTeam progress for each team

[hackers] CVS modules and server

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
Right now we have a CVS module for every module we are doing a lot of work on and some 
defunct modules. At some point we should move to having an entire Drupal distribution 
which will become our kit in CVS. SourceForge's CVS servers are quite busy and we may 
want to consider hosting this ourselves. SF CVS will get the job done, but something 
hosted through DeanSpace might be quicker and have better uptime.

If we have someone who is willing to admin a CVS server (I am not experinced enough) 
and our DeanSpace hosting allows it I think we should go ahead and host our own CVS 
for this.


[hackers] Transparency

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
Right now we are kinda opaque. People have to sign up to see whats going on. I can do 
whatever with the Drupal permissions or even use a second instance of Drupal for our 
internal communicaion. Are we okay with letting our lurkers be anonymous? I plan on 
letting them have privileges to view most things.


Re: [hackers] Transparency

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
Right, authenticated to submit anything except comments. And different levels of 

Anonymous: Read and comment
Authenicated: more privileges, but not a lot
Developer: All of us, submit just about anything and probably some editing
Admin: Admin, editing.


 Original message 
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 09:56:44 -0500 (CDT)
From: zachary rosen [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
Subject: Re: [hackers] Transparency  

Yes this makes sense to me - but i think they should be authenticated
before they can submit things. Comments?


On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Neil Drumm wrote:

 Right now we are kinda opaque. People have to sign up to see whats going on. I can 
 do whatever with the Drupal permissions or even use a second instance of Drupal for 
 our internal communicaion. Are we okay with letting our lurkers be anonymous? I 
 plan on letting them have privileges to view most things.


[hackers] Mailing lists

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
We can have mailing lists off of deanspace.org. Here is my thinking for the lists:

announce: announce from americansfordean.com
deanspace: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Or we can start using the forum.module which was modded to send email.

Zack/Josh: I need addresses or whatever to set this up, or you can set it up.

Re: [hackers] Media Network Design

2003-08-01 Thread Neil Drumm
Here is my vision for a distributed media module which I will not have
time to work on so its only a vision.

Start with an RSS schema that has tags for different sources and
different formats of a single type of media. This schema can also do
some tagging.

Make a node type that lets users upload things and attach them. This
will generate the RSS. A simple form upload is compatible everywhere,
but might not be desirable for that 10mb video.

Syndicate. When a node syndicates a process backgrounds and fetches the
media (might be triggered by a certain level of interest or inhibited by
admin's settings). Bittorrent might be used as a backend for this if it
can be made compatible enough.

When the item is fetched tell the origional site you have a mirror by
XML-RPC. Then the generating site will have the new mirror listed in RSS
for sites to syndicate.


aim: ndrumm3

Re: [hackers] People page (please check)

2003-08-04 Thread Neil Drumm
This page is a good example of need for using better wiki formating:
don't use tabs, you can't usually type them and they are unnecessary:

* Level 1
** Level 2

translates to:

* Level 1
 * Level 2

I didn't go through and change all of that, maybe I would if I rigged up
some sort of sed script or something.

I whcaked the sites section since hack4dean.org and americansfordean.com
don't really need to be mentioned. Thanks for all the work on those
Zack, Josh, and others.

I updated my section to reflect what I am doing and reduce redundancy
between that page, my profile, and the tasks in the project module.


On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 11:10:17AM -0700, Ka-Ping Yee wrote:
 I'm no longer clear on what people are doing because i couldn't
 find the People page on deanspace.org.
 So i brought over the People page just now and added it to the book.
 Could i ask you all to have a look at it check to see that it accurately
 reflects your current status?
 -- ?!ng

aim: ndrumm3

Re: [hackers] Status update

2003-08-05 Thread Neil Drumm
What I'm doing:
*deanspace.org webmaster
*event, make_block, and export modules (export is done for now)
*maybe a theme
*helping any Iowa or Champaign-Urbana sites get started


aim: ndrumm3