[hackers] Event 0.3 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm


New things are the upcoming events block and the calendar which appears when you click 
the header of the small broswe events calendar. I've exhaused my ideas for event 
browseability, please let me know if there are any features which would enhance that.

Themers: The large calendar has the same css classes as the small one, but with the 
container of calendar-large instead of calendar. Please add some color.

Next for me: meetup.com style rsvp and email reminders (but not venue voting, that 
will have to separately use the poll module). There will be a SQL change for this.


aim: ndrumm3

[hackers] Bluesky 2.0 released

2003-07-27 Thread Ka-Ping Yee
I've revised the bluesky theme to add a mug of Dean to the header
graphic.  The footer message is now a configurable variable, and
it combines the theme footer with the site footer.  See:


Hope you like it!

-- ?!ng

Re: [hackers] Bluesky 2.0 released

2003-07-27 Thread Ka-Ping Yee
On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Neil Drumm wrote:
 About the footers, I consider it my job to make sure all the themes
 handle this the same, but I haven't asked the list exactly how these
 should be handled.

Okay.  It's good to have some consistency.

 Drupal lets admins set the footer message, we can have this
 appriopriatly set by default in the kit we are building. However,
 this does allow admins to go remove stuff that keeps themselves
 and us out of potential legal trouble.

I'll describe how i attempted to handle this problem in Bluesky 2.0 --
just as a starting point for ideas.  Please post on whether this
sounds reasonable, feel free to suggest better ways or policies, etc.

  - The theme has its own footer on its configuration page.  This
footer contains the CC license message and the 11 CFR message.

  - This message has to announce who is paying for the site.  The
[SPONSOR] variable is substituted into the 11 CFR message
from the Sponsor field, another setting in the theme config.

  - An admin can change or erase the theme footer, but there's an
explanation under the text box that recommends keeping the CFR
message, with a link to the relevant section of the FEC site.

  - Both the site footer (from the site configuration page) and
the theme footer appear together at the bottom of the page.

 Do we need a portion hardwired in and what language should it have?

That's still an open question.

At the moment all i know about is 11 CFR 110.11(a)(1)(iii).  See


It may be wise to hardcode this into themes.  I don't know.

Does anyone know of other requirements?

-- ?!ng

RE: [hackers] Fwd: User account details for joshk at Indiana for Dean

2003-07-27 Thread Kurt Cagle

I used to be a big fan of newsgroups, but I've fallen out of love with them
for a number of reasons. They are incredibly difficult to moderate, keeping
them free from SPAM is difficult at best, and it's a metaphor that people
are going to less and less. I'd say that if we were going to set up a
newsgroup, it should be pretty far down the priority list.

-- Kurt

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On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 08:18:46PM -0700, Lynn Siprelle wrote:
 On mailing lists vs bulletin boards: I'm with you on that one. Mailing 
 lists scale much better than bulletin boards, except that searching a 
 Yahoo group sucks rocks. I'm hep with the gateway vibe myself.

 Discuss. :)


I know everyone seems to want to go ape over how complicated it is
and how no one seems to know how to use it, but, you know, Death
of Usenet Predicted; Film at 11.  And it *is* designed for that sort
of discussion.

Flutterby, among other basically-web-forum-y venues has just built an
NNTP backend to allow the use of a news client to follow discussions.

So why *not* dean.*

-- jra
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[hackers] We are outta here! Help us move into our new home.....

2003-07-27 Thread Zack Rosen
There is a lot to do getting DeanSpace.org(net?) ready for our arrival.
I've listed all the tasks I could think of on the wiki.  If I missed any
go add it.

Go check it out

If you find something listed you could do, please help out.  Sign your
name up on the task and list your contact info under the People

I really want to get DeanSpace up within a week.  When it is, DFA can
plug it like mad and generate some good web-press and we can get some
more development help.



[hackers] More on DeanSpace..

2003-07-27 Thread Zack Rosen
In case you are wiki adverse - here is the list of DeanSpace movin'
tasks I came up with...

* Hosting / Accounting 
Figure out how and where we are going to host DeanSpace, and how
we  are going to pay for it 

* Drupal Adminning 
Help install, set up, and admin the DeanSpace development
Signed up to help: Neil 

* DeanSpace Theming / Graphics 
Make DeanSpace look pretty 

* Wiki Mover 
We are going to move the wiki over to DeanSpace (Drupal wiki
module).Need somone to do a lot of copying / pasting /

* Tech Desk-ing 
Need someone to take charge in setting up and adminning the help
deskticketing system (drupal project module).

If you can do any of these things, please go to the wiki and signup.


[hackers] Datebook RSS Schema

2003-07-27 Thread Ka-Ping Yee
On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Kurt Cagle wrote:
 I've added the optional endDateTime element to the scheduledTime
 element. endDateTime and duration are mutually exclusive, you cannot
 have both simultaneously. If neither endDateTime or duration is
 included, the assumption is made that the event will take place for 1 hour.

Hi, Kurt.

Just some thoughts...

Sorry to make trouble, but is it really necessary to have two
different elements for expressing the same thing?  I am generally
wary of redundancy in protocols, especially where it is possible
for redundant representations to be in conflict.  Why not just
stick to a single duration element and keep it simple?

Some events might not last any length of time -- for example,
a deadline -- or an unknown length of time -- such as a dinner
party.  Instead of defaulting to a duration of 1 hour, how about
interpreting events with no duration as having no duration?

-- ?!ng

[hackers] Themes 0.4 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/
Test: http://dean.sf.net/
Notes:Added aldon4dean and campaign. Updated bluesky and supersimpledean. Added a 


aim: ndrumm3

[hackers] Fwd: Postermaker

2003-07-27 Thread Joshua Koenig
This is fucking cool. I'll contact Stephen to see about putting 
something like this up elsewhere.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Stephen Bourne [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date: Sun Jul 27, 2003  8:00:53  PM US/Pacific
To: Scott Powell [EMAIL PROTECTED], Joshua Koenig 
Subject: Postermaker

Added three more backgrounds to the postermaker.
Try it out if you like.

Stephen Bourne

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Re: [hackers] Fwd: User account details for joshk at Indiana for Dean

2003-07-27 Thread Lynn Siprelle
Well, and why the hell not! :)

Lynn S.

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Re: [hackers] Fwd: User account details for joshk at Indiana forDean

2003-07-27 Thread Ka-Ping Yee
On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:


You do realize that what we are doing is rebuilding much of
what NNTP is supposed to do, don't you?

That's slightly tongue-in-cheek -- but only slightly.  Multiple
sites aggregating articles, sharing articles with each other,
updating each other on new posts: it's been done, and it's called
Usenet.  Of course we're adding user authentication, nice graphics,
and more structured data -- but it's worth noting that Usenet
didn't work by having every site poll every other site for updates.

Just something to think about.

-- ?!ng