[hackers] Media Network Design

2003-08-01 Thread Zack Rosen
Last night I spent a fair amount of time going over the technical hurdles of creating a distributed system. They were larger than I had previously expected, but by no means unworkable. Undoubtedly, creating the media system to be a distributed network would require more engineering effort in the

[hackers] Meeting Notes / Transcript up on the wiki

2003-07-31 Thread Zack Rosen
http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?EighthIrcMeeting Ping and I argued long into the night about the feasibility of a distributed media network. Anyone interested in the discussion should read it. -Zack

[hackers] IRC Meeting - 5 minutes....

2003-07-30 Thread Zack Rosen
Wednesday, July 30th, 8:30 PM EDT - #hack4dean irc.freenode.org Here are some topics i we came up with.. http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?IrcMeeting Go add your own, cya there. -Zack

[hackers] DeanSpace Goals

2003-07-28 Thread Zack Rosen
Think it would be possible if... * By Wednesday at the meeting we have found a host for DeanSpace * By Friday we are completely moved into the new site? * By the following Monday we are ready for the onslaught? Who is willing to help make this possible?

[hackers] Sunday IRC Meeting Notes / Transcript...

2003-07-28 Thread Zack Rosen
The transcript / outline of this past Sunday's IRC meeting are up on the wiki: Transcript: http://www.hack4dean.org/txt/chat7.txt Outline: http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?SeventhIrcMeeting Topic List for Sunday, July 27th IRC Meeting Zack / DFA stuff Where are we on

[hackers] Looking for Something more to do?

2003-07-28 Thread Zack Rosen
I put up a few new wiki task / pages. I also volunteered some people for them who I believe said they were interested in helping out. Here they are. Writing Installation Scripts http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?InstallationScripting Writing Documentation for Admin / Install

[hackers] We are outta here! Help us move into our new home.....

2003-07-27 Thread Zack Rosen
There is a lot to do getting DeanSpace.org(net?) ready for our arrival. I've listed all the tasks I could think of on the wiki. If I missed any go add it. Go check it out http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?DeanSpace If you find something listed you could do, please help out. Sign your

[hackers] More on DeanSpace..

2003-07-27 Thread Zack Rosen
In case you are wiki adverse - here is the list of DeanSpace movin' tasks I came up with... * Hosting / Accounting Figure out how and where we are going to host DeanSpace, and how we are going to pay for it * Drupal Adminning Help install, set up, and admin the DeanSpace

[hackers] RE: offline cuz its easier as I'm learning hte ropes

2003-07-26 Thread Zack Rosen
(1) I was thinking the same thing, but before we start pushing it, the link to the Get Local tools, the stuff allowing you to put up your own thermometer, and Meetup are all important links. Are those in all the kits? (2) What do you guys need to feed the events from the Get Local tools to

RE: [hackers] A Proposition

2003-07-26 Thread Zack Rosen
PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 10:39 AM To: Zack Rosen Subject: Re: [hackers] A Proposition I'd strongly...VERY strongly suggest that new and better installation instructions are included. Don't depend on the drupal instructions because they stink and are confusing for the average person

[hackers] Hey guys - quick note

2003-07-24 Thread Zack Rosen
Let's keep all Theme tech discussion to the Developers list, and save Hackers mails for announcements / discussions. Sound good? -Zack