[hackers] File release: event module 0.1.1

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/ Test: http://dean.sf.net/ New and fully working version out. Still rather rough around the edges, but a solid release. Post your observations/complaints as comments on the test page. If you want more frequent updates or want to help make sure you are on

Re: [hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-19 Thread Neil Drumm
Domains are easy to come by. We need to find some servers. Anything supporting PHP and SQL will do. Hoefully we will find some grassroots organizations with hosts, but we, as shown by the current state of americansfordean.com, need reliable servers with bandwidth to survive a campaign. -Neil

Re: [hackers] Names and Domains

2003-07-20 Thread Neil Drumm
First, thank you for taking a stab at themes. I hope all is going well for you and everone else in that area. Please let us know when you have something. Before anyone goes and buys things there are probably FEC rules. I think I saw something come over the list saying there was a $250 personal

Re: [hackers] [developers] SourceForge sandbox and code licenses

2003-07-21 Thread Neil Drumm
On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, zrosen wrote: I dont know enough about code liscenses to comment on which to choose. Id suspect though if Drupal is GNU GPL and most things are GNU GPL the GNU GPL is just fine, and we cant change it anyway - because that is what Drupal is. Amd I wrong? Drupal and

[hackers] p2p use for media

2003-07-23 Thread Neil Drumm
If we are going to use a p2p app for media distribution we should keep it strictly server side. Site A posts some media and as soon as sites B, C, and D decide to publish on their sites the software starts getting a local copy with bittorrent or whatever. Users of sites will see basic links as

[hackers] Drupal modules status

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
Apparently we are supposed to finish these within a week so I should report our status and ask for any direction or help. event.module is working nicely, but still has some rough edges. I am going to clean it up a bit today and tomorrow. export.module is working well. It might need some more

[hackers] Themes released on SourceForge

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
I put bluesky, simpledean, and Dean01 in a single tarball and released them on http://sf.net/projects/dean/. I will install them on http://dean.sf.net/ as soon as that web server decides to cooperate (probably by later tonight) so you can try them out for yourself. Has anyone contacted the

[hackers] Footers in themes

2003-07-24 Thread Neil Drumm
From what I have seen none of the three themes properly include the footer. This is necessary for sites which would like to use a nonstandard footer (of course the defualt ones will have a creative commons logo and a disclaimer). For example the SourceFogre sandbox includes a SourceForge icon

Re: [hackers] A current endorse dean page...

2003-07-25 Thread Neil Drumm
From what I know about endorse it is a form you fill out and spam all your friends with some premade Dean messages. That link looks like something to gather names (which we can also do, where do we put them?). The deanvolunteers page is closer to the talent database. How is that part going? We

[hackers] Themes upgraded in SF sandbox

2003-07-26 Thread Neil Drumm
See them in action: http://dean.sourceforge.net/ Download them for yourself: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dean/ Changes: bluesky - removed screenshots and fixed footer Dean01 - fixed footer simpledean - newer version supersimpledean - new theme Let me know if you change your theme included

[hackers] Event 0.3 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/ Test: http://dean.sf.net/ New things are the upcoming events block and the calendar which appears when you click the header of the small broswe events calendar. I've exhaused my ideas for event browseability, please let me know if there are any features

[hackers] Themes 0.4 released

2003-07-27 Thread Neil Drumm
Download: http://sf.net/projects/dean/ Test: http://dean.sf.net/ Notes:Added aldon4dean and campaign. Updated bluesky and supersimpledean. Added a README and CREDITS. -Neil -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] aim: ndrumm3 http://www.ews.uiuc.edu/~ndrumm

Re: [hackers] PHP hosting recommendations for DeanSpace?

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Multiple MySQL DBs would be rather nice. We could easily run multiple insances of Drupal then (our site, sample site, development site, sandboxes for developers). Also what will be the file access scheme? Will multiple developers be able to change files they control around like they can on the

[hackers] Event 0.3.2 released

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Fixed a couple annoying things: for events to be in the upcoming events block or feed they had to be promoted and searching events by day searched in the server's timezone, not yours. If you happen to be upgrading only event.module changed. This should be the last release before 0.4 which will

[hackers] sidebar.module

2003-07-28 Thread Neil Drumm
Design Doc: http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?sidebar This module will enable admins to create sidebars such as those on the right side of DFA's website and share elements using RSS. Zephyr: I would like to see at least three RSS 2.0 feeds from DFA: -hot items which admins will be

Re: [hackers] sidebar.module

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
I'd like to avoid javascript if at all possible. Doing stuff server side is almost always better. We are looking for flexibility and easy administration. -Neil Original message Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 10:34:55 -0700 From: Lynn Siprelle [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hackers]

[hackers] make_block.module

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
After some talking with Moshe, sidebar.module has become a much simpler make_block.module. The new module will fit into Drupal much better. The design doc is at: http://www.hack4dean.org/phpwiki/index.php?make_block This page is a bit sparse on implementation details and heavy on design issues

[hackers] CVS modules and server

2003-07-29 Thread Neil Drumm
Right now we have a CVS module for every module we are doing a lot of work on and some defunct modules. At some point we should move to having an entire Drupal distribution which will become our kit in CVS. SourceForge's CVS servers are quite busy and we may want to consider hosting this

[hackers] Transparency

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
Right now we are kinda opaque. People have to sign up to see whats going on. I can do whatever with the Drupal permissions or even use a second instance of Drupal for our internal communicaion. Are we okay with letting our lurkers be anonymous? I plan on letting them have privileges to view

Re: [hackers] Transparency

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
message Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 09:56:44 -0500 (CDT) From: zachary rosen [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hackers] Transparency To: Neil Drumm [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Yes this makes sense to me - but i think they should be authenticated before they can submit things. Comments

[hackers] Mailing lists

2003-07-31 Thread Neil Drumm
We can have mailing lists off of deanspace.org. Here is my thinking for the lists: announce: announce from americansfordean.com deanspace: [EMAIL PROTECTED] devel: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Or we can start using the forum.module which was modded to send email. Zack/Josh: I need addresses or whatever to

Re: [hackers] Media Network Design

2003-08-01 Thread Neil Drumm
Here is my vision for a distributed media module which I will not have time to work on so its only a vision. Start with an RSS schema that has tags for different sources and different formats of a single type of media. This schema can also do some tagging. Make a node type that lets users upload

Re: [hackers] People page (please check)

2003-08-04 Thread Neil Drumm
This page is a good example of need for using better wiki formating: don't use tabs, you can't usually type them and they are unnecessary: * Level 1 ** Level 2 translates to: * Level 1 * Level 2 I didn't go through and change all of that, maybe I would if I rigged up some sort of

Re: [hackers] Status update

2003-08-05 Thread Neil Drumm
What I'm doing: *deanspace.org webmaster *event, make_block, and export modules (export is done for now) *maybe a theme *helping any Iowa or Champaign-Urbana sites get started -Neil -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] aim: ndrumm3 http://www.ews.uiuc.edu/~ndrumm