2013-05-15 Thread Joel Krauska
The HTTP Log Format tracks bytes_read, which appears to be the number of bytes in the HTTP response send from the backend to the requesting client. I feel also that bytes_sent may be an interesting field to track. For example: An Image

Re: HAproxy tproxy problem when try to make transparent proxy

2013-05-15 Thread haproxy
Hello, L. Alberto Giménez ha scritto: Please check that: * You have the tproxy enabled in your kernel * You have haproxy compiled with tproxy support Your backend servers *can't* see the clients directly (i.e., they have the haproxy box as default gateway and *no other* gateways). The

Re: bytes_sent?

2013-05-15 Thread Aleksandar Lazic
Dear Joel, Am 15-05-2013 08:23, schrieb Joel Krauska: The HTTP Log Format tracks bytes_read, which appears to be the number of bytes in the HTTP response send from the backend to the requesting client. [1] I feel also that

Re: Selective logging

2013-05-15 Thread Pedro Mata-Mouros
Hi Willy, I've dug the mailing list and found this, which would so come in handy for me right now. Any updates on this, are you still considering its implementation? Your proposed solution log disable if acl would work just fine, or even no log if acl. Thanks, Pedro. On 9 Jul 2009, at

Re: stick-table and URL

2013-05-15 Thread Rui Luís
i was able to generate in the server the cookie (SERVERID) and i can pass it i also altered the line cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache to cookie SERVERID and also try without the line however it is not working curl header: Set-Cookie: SERVERID=memtom1 is it possible to see the stick table

1.5 Dev Becomes Stable?

2013-05-15 Thread James Bensley
Hi All, Does anyone know roughly (I know its hard to be specific with these things) when 1.5 will become the latest stable version? Whilst I understand this is a bit how long is a peice of string, I mean loosely; This year (2013) ? Q3 this year? Before then, Q2? Cheers, James.

Re: bytes_sent?

2013-05-15 Thread haproxy
This is already present in haproxy 1.5. 1.5 has a `log-format` parameter which lets you specify a custom format. The format has a `%U` parameter which is the number of bytes sent by the client. -Patrick On 2013/15/05 02:23, Joel Krauska wrote: The HTTP Log Format tracks bytes_read, which

Re: Websockets and RTMP

2013-05-15 Thread pablo platt
The following config doesn't direct secure websocket connections to the backend. What am I doing wrong? global log local0 log local1 notice #log loghostlocal0 info maxconn 4096 #chroot /usr/share/haproxy user haproxy group haproxy daemon

Haproxy SSL Termination question

2013-05-15 Thread Joseph Hardeman
Hi Everyone, I am in need of a little help, currently I need to send traffic to a haproxy setup and terminate the SSL certificate there, which I have working, but until I can get a backend application changed from redirecting when it gets the https request to a login page, is there any way I can

Re: Haproxy SSL Termination question

2013-05-15 Thread PiBa-NL
Hi Joe, Sounds like you need the 'ssl' option for your backend server. This option enables SSL ciphering on outgoing connections to the server. Just below the source option: (#5-ssl goes to wrong part of the help.. for

HAProxy and MySQL failover

2013-05-15 Thread Jayadevan M
Hi, We are using HAProxy to check for MySQL availability and failing over to a slave. Is it possible to stop HAProxy going back to the master once it is up? We want that to happen after manual intervention. Regards, Jayadevan DISCLAIMER: The information in this e-mail and any attachment is