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2018-05-17 Thread Randy Schneiderman
Thanks, ___ Randy Schneiderman | Sr. Manager Service Design | IPsoft, Inc. O: 212-708-5573 | C: 347-267-3915 | F: 212-708-5010 | Randy.Schneiderman@ipsoft Upcoming PTO: 5/28 - 6/6

Re: [PATCH] Make sure all the pollers get fd updates

2018-05-17 Thread Willy Tarreau
On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 07:37:10PM +0200, Olivier Houchard wrote: > Here is a patch that should do the same for 1.8. Pretty cool, thank you. Now I think we'll have about everything we wanted to emit a new 1.8. Willy

[PATCH] BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: Decrement ref_cnt in table_* converters

2018-05-17 Thread Daniel Corbett
Hello, When using table_* converters ref_cnt was incremented and never decremented causing entries to not expire. The root cause appears to be that stktable_lookup_key() was called within all sample_conv_table_* functions which was incrementing ref_cnt and not decrementing after completion.

Re: [PATCH] Make sure all the pollers get fd updates

2018-05-17 Thread Olivier Houchard
Hi, On Fri, May 04, 2018 at 05:32:24PM +0200, Olivier Houchard wrote: > Hi, > > When the code was changed to use one poller per thread, we overlooked the > fact that some fds can be shared between multiple threads, and when one > event occured, that required the fd to be added or removed from

Rewrite image path based on HTTP_REQUEST

2018-05-17 Thread Lotic Lists
Hi experts How can I rewrite a image path based on URL? Example, users request the url, haproxy just balance to backend servers normally. Now users request, I need rewrite URI to /images/new-logo.png Tks. Marcelo

Re: HAProxy multiple key type support - bug/feature (?) with DH parameters

2018-05-17 Thread Arnaud Gavara
Hello, I allow myself to relaunch this email, can someone tell us if it's a bug or a configuration problem please? I would like to use ECDSA certificates in addition to RSA but this problem is blocking me. Regards, Arnaud. - Mail original - > De: "Arnaud Gavara"