Re: haproxy 1.9 status update

2018-05-25 Thread Tim Düsterhus
Willy, Am 25.05.2018 um 18:10 schrieb Willy Tarreau: > Not started yet but already planned : > - split certificates [William] : some users prefer to have separate .key > and .crt files (eg for permission reasons). William has already started > to look and it seems doable, there are

haproxy 1.9 status update

2018-05-25 Thread Willy Tarreau
Hi all, I've long wanted to send a status update on where haproxy 1.9 is going, and seeing some recent threads speculating about what will be available reminded me that it's really time to send this update. Be careful, this e-mail is long. So first of all, while we didn't have *that* many bugs

[PATCH] lua socket / Read maount of data

2018-05-25 Thread Thierry Fournier
Hi, Actually, I'm working with Lua and Redis, and I found a bug with the socket function. It impacts the read of a great amount of data when these data arriving in a lot of network packet. the Lua user ask for 1 bytes and it receive many more data. The patch in attachment. Thierry >From

[PATCH] Re: 1.8.8 & 1.9dev, lua, xref_get_peer_and_lock hang / 100% cpu usage after restarting haproxy a few times

2018-05-25 Thread Thierry FOURNIER
On Fri, 18 May 2018 22:17:00 +0200 PiBa-NL wrote: > Hi Thierry, > > Op 18-5-2018 om 20:00 schreef Thierry FOURNIER: > > Hi Pieter, > > > > Could you test the attached patch ? It seems to fix the problem, but I > > have some doubts about the reliability of the patch. > > >