Supporting `http-response deny deny_status ` (just like for `http-request`)

2019-02-09 Thread Ciprian Dorin Craciun
Is there a reason why there isn't support for `deny_status ` in `http-response` as it already exists in `http-request`? Looking at the configuration code:

Allowing more codes for `errorfile` (like 404) (that can be later re-used with `http-request deny deny_status 404`)

2019-02-09 Thread Ciprian Dorin Craciun
First of all I understand that the `errorfile` (and related `errorloc`) are for HAProxy's own generated errors. However given how powerful the ACL system is, and the availability of `http-request deny deny_status `, one can leverage all this and implement a powerful WAF. For example last week I

Re: [PATCH] CONTRIB: contrib/prometheus-exporter: Add a Prometheus exporter for HAProxy

2019-02-09 Thread Aleksandar Lazic
Hi Christopher. Am 07-02-2019 22:09, schrieb Christopher Faulet: Hi, This patch adds a new component in contrib. It is a Prometheus exporter for HAProxy. [snipp] More details in the README. I'm not especially a Prometheus expert. And I must admit I never use it. So if anyone have comments