Re: forwarded https request missing

2019-02-12 Thread Kevin Decherf You must provide the target port on the backend server, see documentation: If unset, the same port the client connected to will be used -- Kevin Decherf - @Kdecherf GPG 0x108ABD75A81E6E2F

Re: haproxy startup at boot too quick

2018-05-07 Thread Kevin Decherf
Hello, On 8 May 2018 02:32:01 CEST, Bill Waggoner wrote: >Anyway, when the system boots haproxy fails to start. Unfortunately I >forgot to save the systemctl status message but the impression I get is >that it's starting too soon. You can find all past logs of your

[PATCH] DOC: specify that stats socket doc (section 9.2) is in management

2015-10-13 Thread Kevin Decherf
Commit 44aed90ce102c4136a5eda66d541f6fa79e141e8 moved the stats socket documentation from config to management but the remaining references to section 9.2 were not updated; improve it to be less confusing. Signed-off-by: Kevin Decherf <> --- doc/configuration.txt | 5 ++

Re: [PATCH] Fix unhandled connections problem with systemd daemon mode and SO_REUSEPORT.

2014-06-10 Thread Kevin Decherf
unable to figure out why, so thanks! Seems good to me after a little test. I have just one comment: you should update your patch to use tabs instead of whitespaces like in the source code. Regards, -- Kevin Decherf - @Kdecherf GPG C610 FE73 E706 F968 612B E4B2 108A BD75 A81E 6E2F

Re: [ANNOUNCE] haproxy 1.4.21

2012-05-24 Thread Kevin Decherf
Hi, Just for archive: CVE-2012-2391 Kevin Decherf - M: +33 681194547 - T: @Kdecherf On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 9:30 PM, Vivek Malik wrote: A recommended upgrade for all production users. While we