HAProxy and Apache reverse proxy with TLS passthrough

2020-09-02 Thread Tom Browder
I'm trying to cobble together the following https data flow: <== public internet ==> A. a single IPv4 Apache server with multiple virtual hosts identified by SNI 1. for each virtual host with its unique domain: a. use Apache's managed domain capability to get and keep current a

Bid Writing Workshops Via Zoom

2020-09-02 Thread NFP Workshops
NFP WORKSHOPS 18 Blake Street, York YO1 8QG 01133 280988 Affordable Training Courses for Charities, Schools & Public Sector Organisations This email has been sent to haproxy@formilux.org CLICK TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM LIST Alternatively send a blank e-mail to unsubscr...@nfpmail2001.co.uk

Re: [PATCH 1/6] MINOR: spoa: allow MAX_FRAME_SIZE override

2020-09-02 Thread Gilchrist DADAGLO
Thanks Christopher, Appreciate the fast merge. Gilchrist On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, 18:36 Christopher Faulet wrote: > Le 24/08/2020 à 21:21, gilchr...@dadaglo.com a écrit : > > From: Bertrand Jacquin > > > > MAX_FRAME_SIZE is forced to the default value of tune.bufsize, however > > they don't