load balance https with routing traffic rules

2011-05-26 Thread Gustavo Jiménez
Hello Our problem is about we need balance https with some filter or matching layer4 that can help you to redirect the incoming web service transactions for the port 443 (https) of the different servers with different applications, we have tried with /acl src/ and /rdp_cookie/ but we don't

Custom log message when text matches

2011-05-26 Thread Shawn Heisey
I've been looking around for the answer to this question, but so far I've turned up nothing. Can I have haproxy (currently 1.5-dev3) spit out a custom log message, preferably at a custom level, when certain text is found in a request? I need to do this because the text I'm looking for will

outage backend for haproxy

2011-05-26 Thread D Tiz
Here is snippet from my haproxy config file. Two backends, one for and outage page and one for the cdn. listen http-pool mode http balance roundrobin option httpclose stats uri /haproxy-status acl is_outage always_true use_backend outage

Re: load balance https with routing traffic rules

2011-05-26 Thread Baptiste
Hi, As you said, since your traffic is encrypted, haproxy can't dig into http protocol, so you must you tcp mode to load balance https. If you want to take advantage of all the smart stuff in Haproxy about http, you must decrypt the traffic before it's forwarded to haproxy (using pound, stunnel,