option smtpchk violates SMTP protocol

2011-06-23 Thread Sergey Svishchev
Hello, SMTP client should wait for server's SMTP banner before sending anything. exim detects this: SMTP protocol synchronization error (input sent without waiting for greeting) -- Sergey Svishchev

haproxy and amazon

2011-06-23 Thread Baptiste
Hi gents, I'm looking for people who use haproxy on an amazon server. I'm more interested by the number of hit/s you could get. Thanks for anybody who could help :) Regards

[PATCH] [MINOR] Make appsess{,ion}_refresh static

2011-06-23 Thread Simon Horman
apsession_refresh() and apsess_refressh are only used inside apsession.c and thus can be made static. The only use of apsession_refresh() is appsession_task_init(). These functions have been re-ordered to avoid the need for a forward-declaration of apsession_refresh(). ---

[PATCH] [MINOR] Add rdp_cookie pattern fetch function

2011-06-23 Thread Simon Horman
This pattern fetch function extracts the value of the rdp cookie name as a string and uses this value to match. This enables implementation of persistence based on the mstshash cookie. This is typically done if there is no msts cookie present. This differs from balance rdp-cookie in that any