Re: about nbproc in conf

2011-10-19 Thread Baptiste
2011/10/19 wsq003 Hi In manual there is following: nbproc number   Creates number processes when going daemon. This requires the daemon   mode. By default, only one process is created, which is the recommended mode   of operation. For systems limited to small sets of file 

Re: Graceful configuration changes?

2011-10-19 Thread John Singleton
Hi Kevin, I believe you can just send it a -HUP signal. eg: kill -HUP pid Best, JLS On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 4:37 PM, Kevin Lindsay wrote: Can HA Proxy make graceful configuration changes? Or does the entire proxy need to be restarted leaving space for downtime? Thanks,

Re: Graceful configuration changes?

2011-10-19 Thread Vivek Malik
haproxy -f /etc/haproxy.cfg -sf $(cat $PIDFILE) would do it haproxy -h HA-Proxy version 1.4.18 2011/09/16 Copyright 2000-2011 Willy Tarreau Usage : haproxy [-f cfgfile]* [ -vdVD ] [ -n maxconn ] [ -N maxpconn ] [ -p pidfile ] [ -m max megs ] -v displays version ; -vv

Re: Graceful configuration changes?

2011-10-19 Thread Adam Kocoloski
Yes, that works, but there's a window during which neither the old process nor the new process is listening on the socket. Simon Horman implemented a master/worker model to avoid that downtime, but I guess it's not quite ready to be integrated into the mainline yet. I believe you can find his

Re: Cookie persistence

2011-10-19 Thread Ist Conne
Thanks for reply So, It is difficult problem. Do we have not Workaround? 2011/10/17 Holger Just On 2011-10-17 14:48, Ist Conne wrote: HAProxy is supported cookie-based persistence. But, cookie-based Load balancing has a patented F5 Networks.