Citrix ADC, Akamai CloudTest Users/Customers

2022-06-22 Thread Nick Fisher

I would like to check with you and see if we could chat about Citrix ADC, 
Akamai CloudTest Users/Customers. We can customize the list based on your 
requirement and can connect you with any other users of your choice.

Information fields: Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Title, Country, 
State, City, Revenue, Employee size, Industry, FAX, SIC code, ZIP code, 
Physical Address etc.

If you feel I should be talking to someone else on this, please forward this 
email to the right person.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Thanks & Regards,
Nick Fisher
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If you do not wish to receive further emails reply with remove.

Compare two variables in acl

2022-06-22 Thread Seena Fallah

I'm trying to compare two variables in ACL but seems the one on the right
side is not rendering and assumed as a literal string.
Is there any example of how can I compare two variables in haproxy acls?

Testing on haproxy v2.6