Re: Anyone heard about DPDK?

2019-02-12 Thread Federico Iezzi
Nowadays most VNF (virtual network function) in the telco operators are built around DPDK. Not demos, most 5G will be like that. 4G is migrating as we speak on this new architecture. There isn't any TCP stack built-it but the libraries can be used to build one. VPP has integrated DPDK in this way.

Re: info defaults maxconn

2019-02-06 Thread Federico Iezzi
Thanks a lot, and sorry for my misinterpretation :-) Cheers, Federico On Wed, 6 Feb 2019 at 14:59, Aleksandar Lazic wrote: > Hi Federico. > > Am 06.02.2019 um 15:33 schrieb Federico Iezzi: > > Hey there, > > > > Maybe this is gonna be a very simple answer.

info defaults maxconn

2019-02-06 Thread Federico Iezzi
Hey there, Maybe this is gonna be a very simple answer. In HAProxy 1.5.18 seems that the defaults maxconn have a global influence and not per backend one. In my case I have global maxconn at 5120001, while defaults at 256. What I'm trying to achieve is to set for all my backends the same maxconn

TLS HAProxy Scalability

2016-07-06 Thread Federico Iezzi
Hi there, Recently I didn't have time to follow up the HAProxy 1.7 development and I would like to understand if you have find a way for the TLS handshakes performance sort of issue. Some month ago someone started a discussion on the mailing list and Willy thought that a multi-threaded approach

Re: [ANNOUNCE] haproxy-1.5.0

2014-06-19 Thread Federico Iezzi
Hey Willy! Many many congratulations Il giorno 19/giu/2014, alle ore 21:54, Willy Tarreau ha scritto: Hi everyone, The list has been unusually silent today, just as if everyone was waiting for something to happen :-) Today is a great day, the reward of 4 years of hard work.

Re: 1.5-dev22 crash with kernel messages, 1.4.18 is fine

2014-02-27 Thread Federico Iezzi
Guys we fix these problems using a kernel = 3.8 With Ubuntu 12.04.4 we are using Kernel 3.8 and 3.11 from Canonical official repository with out any issue. With 3.5 and stock 3.2 we had a lot trouble. Regards, Federico Il giorno 27/feb/2014, alle ore 13:01, Sander Klein ha

Re: [ANNOUNCE] haproxy-1.5-dev20

2013-12-16 Thread Federico Iezzi
Awesome Willy! Il giorno 16/dic/2013, alle ore 03:41, Willy Tarreau ha scritto: Hi all, here is probably the largest update we ever had, it's composed of 345 patches! Some very difficult changes had to be made and as usual when such changes happen, they take a lot of time due