EC2 Haproxy stops taking requests

2014-09-29 Thread Umair Khan
Hi, I am using haproxy with Apache to keep alive an EC2 server. Sometimes haproxy stops taking new requests during this period we can't open our website, If I reload haproxy service it starts working normally. I have disabled iptables and increased open file limit but no luck. Below is my

Session counter doesnt increase for stats socket

2014-09-29 Thread Philipp Kolmann
Hi, I have several haproxy installations running on HAProxy version 1.5.4, released 2014/09/02 (debian packet) and I see no counting up on the stats socket session counter. The Bytes-counter count up on every reload, but the sessions total stay and don't get updated on every reload (as I

SSL private key and Certificate in a separated files

2014-09-29 Thread Pavlos Parissis
Hi, Is it possible to have the SSL Private key and SSL certificate of the server together with all intermediate certificates in 2 separated files? I tried bind ssl crt file.key crt certifate-bundle.pem no-sslv3 ciphers . but it fails with unable to load SSL private key from


2014-09-29 Thread Bot Budi
can i used haproxy for caching server?, it there have feature for caching? thanks.

shellshock and haproxy

2014-09-29 Thread Thomas Heil
Hi, To mitigate the shellshock attack we added two lines in our frontends. -- frontend fe_80 -- reqideny ^[^:]+:\s*\(\s*\) reqideny ^[^:]+:\s+.*?([^]+){5,} -- and checked this via -- curl --referer x() { :; }; ping http://my-haproxy-url/ curl --referer true EOF

Re: Session sticking to backup server

2014-09-29 Thread PiBa-NL
Take a look at 'non-stick' and or 'on-marked-up shutdown-backup-sessions' they might help with your issue. Another option could be to remove the backup server from your config, and serve the static page with 'errorfile 503 /etc/haproxy/errorfiles/503sorry.http'. Dennis Jacobfeuerborn

Re: Session sticking to backup server

2014-09-29 Thread Dennis Jacobfeuerborn
Thanks for the pointer. That was exactly what I was looking for. It would perhaps be a good idea to mention the non-stick option in the backup section. Right now it says there: Requests coming with a persistence cookie referencing the server will always be served though. This could be changed

Server Sent Events on iOS

2014-09-29 Thread William Lewis
Hi all I have a problem with a website which uses Server-Sent Events where the long lived connection for the Server Events seems to be blocking other resources from loading on iOS clients only and only when I have haproxy between client and server. This is my test case. * Create a node

Thought you might be interested in this from UPS

2014-09-29 Thread miaoxinkong
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Te Invitamos a Tener Presencia en Internet

2014-09-29 Thread BILDOCO
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