[ha-Safran] Please send to the list

2012-09-14 Thread Linda Falter
Linda Falter Click here for our website guide .. Facsimile Editions Limited 40 Hamilton Terrace London NW8 9UJ England Tel : + 44 20 7286 0071 Fax : + 44 20 7266 3927 www.facsimile-editions.com www.manuscriptleaves.com

[ha-Safran] Dead Sea Scrolls

2013-07-23 Thread Linda Falter
Dear Hasafranim,We have just completed copies of the following Dead Sea Scrolls onsheepskin parchment.Complete Scrolls1QIsa- The Great Isaiah Scroll1QpHab - The Habakkuk CommentaryFragments4Q175 -Testimonia4Q162 -Pesher Isaiahb(commentary)4Q109 -QoheletThe scrolls are stitched by hand with linen

[ha-Safran] Gone to Pitchipoi

2013-10-22 Thread Linda Falter
and clear and is 'unputdownable!' You can buy it from www.academicstudiespress.com ISBN 9781618112347 (cloth) $65.00 / £44.25 ISBN 9781618112743 (paper) $29.00 / £20.25 All good wishes, Linda Falter .. Facsimile Editions Limited 40 Hamilton Terrace

[ha-Safran] Rothschild Miscellany UNESCO World Treasure

2013-11-07 Thread Linda Falter
website and a complete copy of the brochure can be seen at http://www.youblisher.com/p/726655-The-Rothschild-Miscellany/ We would be pleased to offer Hasafranim a 15% discount on the purchase price and can ship immediately. All good wishes, Linda Falter Facsimile Editions Limited 40 Hamilton

Re: [ha-Safran] Hasafran Digest, Vol 159, Issue 5

2015-01-04 Thread Linda Falter
My father's worst nightmare was to be told by my Mother he had to hurry at which point he would bellow, what do you want of my life, do you want me to RUSH MY KISHKES?!!! Linda Linda Falter On 4 Jan 2015, at 17:01, hasafran-requ...@lists.osu.edu wrote: Send Hasafran mailing list

[ha-Safran] The facsimile of The British Library's Barcelona Haggadah

2015-03-27 Thread Linda Falter
Goldstein, Ilana Tahan, Malachi Beit-Airé, Evelyn Cohen, Raphael Loewe, Jeremy Schonfield and Diana Rowland-Smith and Leila Avrin) Hag Same’ach! Linda Linda Falter . Facsimile Editions Limited 40 Hamilton Terrace London NW8 9UJ England Tel: +44 20 7286

[ha-Safran] New facsimile of the National Library of Israel's Catalan Mahzor

2015-09-10 Thread Linda Falter
Dear Hasafranim, We are just about to announce the facsimile of The National Library of Israel’s Catalan Mahzor. As many of you will know, it is an outstanding manuscript and the subject of a fascinating book by Dalia-Ruth Halperin which we are including with the facsimile. We are only making

[ha-Safran] New book for 8-12 year olds

2016-02-04 Thread Linda Falter
Dear Hasafranim, The widow of David Patterson z”l has written a wonderful new book My Aunt Manya for 8-12 year olds which deserves a wide audience. Please order it for your library. > http://www.josepatterson.com/ <http://www.josepatterson.com/> All good wishes, Lin

[ha-Safran] New book by José Patterson

2016-08-02 Thread Linda Falter
Yarnton Manor for scholars to stay while doing their research in Oxford. David’s legacy lives on and José is indefatigable in her work to bring poignant Jewish stories to life. > http://www.josepatterson.com/ <http://www.josepatterson.com/> All good wishes, Linda Linda Falter

Re: [ha-Safran] Hasafran Digest, Vol 251, Issue 3

2016-10-27 Thread linda . falter
facsimile of the Catalan Mahzor. Bernard Shapero is hosting the event at 32 St George St, W1 from 6-8pm. The exhibition runs until November 12th RSVP p...@facsimile-editions.com Shabbat shalom to all, Linda Falter > On 27 Oct 2016, at 17:00, hasafran-requ...@lists.osu.edu wrote: >

[ha-Safran] Facsimiles of Hebrew manuscripts

2017-09-15 Thread Linda Falter
Shana Tovah to all Hasafranim, We have made a short video detailing our work and all the Hebrew manuscripts we have recreated over the course of the last 37 years. Please let us know what you think of the