Re: n+k patterns

1993-05-18 Thread kff
Lennart Augustsson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: PS. I'd like to start the "Ban n+k patterns"-movement, any followers? Count on me! I guess this makes it an organized movement ... two persons (movement) that know about each other (organized). Cheers, Karl-Filip

Re: Cyclic Types

1993-02-27 Thread kff
It is not clear to me how we would construct models for cyclic types (then, I'm just starting to learn how to do it for acyclic types :-). That is: What do the domains for these types look like? The reason I'm worrying about this is that when I do abstract interpretation over structured datatypes

Re: What's the most efficient way to build an array?

1992-08-10 Thread kff
On building more than one array at a time: You could introduce references into the language. This would make it possible to write code that manipulates more than one array at a time. There may however creep up some problems if those references were to escape the continuation passing region of

Re: What's the most efficient way to build an array?

1992-08-09 Thread kff
Now, *there's* an interresting question ... Personally, as an implementor, I'd vote for the second version, i.e. I think that future Haskell compilers are more likely to do away with the thunks than do update in place analysis. Why? Because if we really want sequentialization of the accesses