GHC-6.4.1 on FreeBSD-amd64 still not ported

2005-09-25 Thread Wilhelm B. Kloke
Though I have reported some sort of success on this in the last days, I was too early. The ghc-inplace does not work on the target system. It compiled because I have been too lax in following the instructions. Here is the report, where the crossport fails on the i386host system: tar czf

[Haskell] sweet bananas, lenses, and other miscellaneous brackets

2005-09-25 Thread Vivian McPhail
Hi, Just as we can define infix operators as syntactic sugar, could we not also have a similar mechanism for programmable fancy brackets? There could be a keyword for the bracket declaration and a function definition, in this way ana- and catamorphisms, Template Haskell-like syntax, and

Re: [Haskell] Paper: The essence of dataflow programming

2005-09-25 Thread David Menendez
Tarmo Uustalu writes: | We would like to announce our new paper | | The essence of dataflow programming | | | | which describes a novel comonadic foundation of dataflow computing, | incl. semantics of dataflow languages a la Lucid or Lustre. The |

[Haskell-cafe] map in IO

2005-09-25 Thread Tom Hawkins
What is the best way to perform a map inside IO? I defined the following function, but this must be common enough to warrant something in the standard library. What am I missing? -Tom mapIO :: (a - IO b) - [a] - IO [b] mapIO _ [] = return [] mapIO f (x:xs) = do y - f x

Re: [Haskell-cafe] map in IO

2005-09-25 Thread J. Garrett Morris
the similar function: mapM :: Monad m = (a - m b) - [a] - m [b] should do the trick for you, and is in the prelude. /g ___ Haskell-Cafe mailing list