Re: [Haskell] Beyond ASCII only editors for Haskell

2005-05-23 Thread Reginald Meeson
Mads -- Eons ago, colleagues and I put together a primitive data flow diagram editor and generated functional code for the functions users wired together. One of the things we learned was that people would happily wire together diagrams with state components that could not be translated because

Re: ICFP programming contest

1999-09-17 Thread Reginald Meeson
Lennart Augustsson wrote: ... Ooops, I miscounted. It's 376 lines of Haskell; still 137 in the optimizer. (Not much productivity, just 1 line/minute.) It appears Lennart is exercising his well-deserved bragging rights. :^) More power to him. Congratulations Lennart, and to all the other

Re: Monad question

1999-04-22 Thread Reginald Meeson
This little problem raises two challenges for compiler developers: (a) improving diagnostic messages (a perennial issue), and (b) (semi) automating error correction. In this case the diagnostic message is pretty good, except that is doesn't indicate where the IO term is or where the [] term is

Re: Function denotations

1993-11-18 Thread Reginald Meeson
Reply to: REFunction denotations I'm sure many people would find printable function representations useful. There are at least three versions of every function I've ever written: the function I meant (fm), the function I wrote (fw), and the function the compiler/interpreter

Re: Arrays and general functions

1992-09-08 Thread Reginald Meeson
Interesting discussion, but it seems to me that Haskell already provides the best of both worlds, namely a. Efficient implementation of arrays as data objects, with indexing as a projection function; and b. Definition of functions with (Ix a) domains by indexing an array behind