suggestion for Haskell prelude

1995-09-18 Thread Sergei D. Meshveliani
A very small suggestion for the Haskell prelude style: if a type has no meaning except being a holder for the values of the function foo, then let the type be called Foo. This will economize names. Thus the type of `compare' from 1.3 prelude should be called Compare, etc. Sergey

suggestion to Haskell standard

1995-09-11 Thread Sergei D. Meshveliani
Suggestion for Standard Prelude. To replace such standard prelude functions as min,minimum,sort etc. with their "function-argument" variants. For example: data Compare = LT | GT | EQ sort :: (a - a - Compare) - [a] - [a] -- cp xs cp x y - LTif

adding instances to (,)

1995-07-24 Thread Sergei D. Meshveliani
Dear sir, I had written several pages of Haskell scripts, tried HUGS Haskell on them, debugged, and now I'm trying to complile the stuff with Glasgow Haskell. ghc-0.25 dislikes the following declarations: - module M where instance (Num a, Num b) =