Haskell 1.3 Draft Report

1995-05-19 Thread kh
A draft of the Haskell 1.3 report is available by FTP from ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk [] in pub/haskell/report/draft-report-1.3.dvi.gz [Report] pub/haskell/report/draft-libraries-1.3.dvi.gz [Libraries] Highlights include: Monadic I/O A split

Sincere Apologies

1995-04-26 Thread kh
For sending out a large and very drafty Haskell 1.3 report by mistake. I was caught out by a very helpful mailer and forgetting an option on a command line (it treated what I thought was a subject as a list of addresses). Our current plans are to release the final Haskell 1.3 report at FPCA

Re: Haskell 1.3

1993-11-23 Thread kh
Ian Holyer writes: To go back to the debate on instances, here is a concrete proposal for handling instances in Haskell 1.3: I can see what you're doing, but I dislike the idea of no longer being able to define instances local to a module. This limits my choice of class and type names, and

Re: Recursive type synonyms

1993-10-07 Thread kh
[I hear cries of Haskell 2] Phil Wadler writes: The suggestion is: Remove the restriction that type synonym declarations must not be recursive. [...] The obvious way to go is for someone to implement it first, to make sure it's not difficult. Mark Jones, have you tried


1993-09-09 Thread kh
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Looking for examples of functional imperative programming

1993-09-08 Thread kh
- Begin Included Message - Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 11:14:57 -0400 From: Donald "A." Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Looking for examples of functional imperative programming Could people please post listings of Haskell or Gopher programs for array updates, mutable

Looking for examples of functional imperative programming

1993-09-08 Thread kh
- Begin Included Message - Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 12:08:23 -0400 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Looking for examples of functional imperative programming In response to Don Smith's request, here follows my version of a Gensym monad and real code that uses it. This

Haskell List Problems

1993-09-07 Thread kh
Folks, We've switched to manual moderation of the Glasgow end of the Haskell list until we've dealt with the US-generated mail failures. There may be a few failure messages still in the pipeline, so please be patient with us. Kevin

Mail Problems on Haskell List

1993-09-03 Thread kh
My apologies for the number of error messages which have been echoed to the list today. These seem to have been erroneously generated by a target site in Hong Kong and fed into the list at Yale. I'm working with the people at Yale to try to solve the problem. Kevin

Re: Records in Haskell

1993-09-03 Thread kh
Most Lisp dialects don't have any sort of destructuring for abstract data types, but I question whether destructuring is really all that useful anyway. If you have a type with 20 or 30 components -- which is not all that unusual, in my experience -- it's much easier to grab the

Re: constructor overloading

1993-08-12 Thread kh
[This discussion was taking place on comp.lang.functional. I've copied it to the Haskell mailing list. Basically, the original question was whether constructors could be overloaded. My answer was that they could be, if they were nullary, in a similar way to numbers, but I haven't thought this


1993-05-27 Thread kh
I've been asked to forward this on behalf of the EJFLP Editorial Board. Kevin - Begin Included Message - First Electronic Journal of Functional and Logic Programming Announcement and Call for Papers At the end of this year a new journal, called Electronic Journal of Functional and

Re: Successor patterns in bindings and n+k patterns

1993-05-19 Thread kh
And now for a little quiz. What's the value of the following (legal) Haskell expression? (Don't try it with hbc, it fails.) let (+) + 1 + 1 = (+) in 1 + 1 Given infixl 6 + (since you can't change this without renaming!): (+) + 1 + 1 == lpat6 + pat7

Re: More questions

1993-05-18 Thread kh
More questions along the same lines as for n+k: Does == in the pattern match translation refer to == in PreludeCore? Does negate in the translation of -e refer to negate in PreludeCore? All identifiers used in explicit translations refer to those from the Prelude. Kevin

Re: Stupid Haskell question

1993-02-26 Thread kh
I also think its neat that you seem to have found a use for cyclic unification. This is definitely an impetus to extend the language to include cyclic types. (I don't expect we'll do this for a while though. You might consider modifying the Glasgow Haskell compiler to include this

Re: Layout expansion

1992-12-18 Thread kh
I want to build the layout expansion ('{', '}' and ';') into the scanner. In general you could only do this by building some parsing capability into the scanner (though in musing about it I haven't found any cases which couldn't be solved by adding simple "bracket-counting" for interesting

Re: Another import question

1992-12-18 Thread kh
On Thu, 03 Dec 92 08:13:17 +, Simon L Peyton Jones [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Simon Why do you need to drop the (..) when it turns into a "data" decl? Simon You only need do so if you want it to be abstract! Simon But "type" decls can't be abstract; the (..) reminds you of this. I don't

Re: importing derived functions

1992-11-27 Thread kh
Is it possible to import a type and the derived "show" function for it without having to import all the type's constuctors? Yes. However, HBC claims that Lexeme is not an instance of Text when I compile the Token module. Sounds like a bug. Lennart probably already has a fix :-) Kevin

Re: Kernel

1992-11-20 Thread kh
I have just realised that nowhere in the report does it say specifically what the kernel language is. It says how to translate to it but not what it is!! The short answer is that the report defines an informal semantics with a notional "easily understood", but imprecise kernel. If you want

MacGofer 0.12

1992-11-12 Thread kh
Mac Gofer Beta Release == MacGofer version 0.12 is now available for beta-testing. Use anonymous ftp to ftp.dcs.glasgow.ac.uk and fetch pub/haskell/gofer/macgofer/MacGofer_0.12.sit.hqx pub/haskell/gofer/macgofer/MacGofer_Manuals.sit.hqx These are BinHexed,