Re: Type classes

1997-05-06 Thread F. Warren Burton
A couple of people have asked about: [2] W Burton, E Meijer, P Sansom, S Thompson, P Wadler, "A (sic) extension to Haskell 1.3 for views", sent to the Haskell mailing list 23 Oct 1996 I am enclosing a copy of the "(sic)" proposal below. In light of Simon's proposal, the "(sic)"

cfp: Mathematics of Program Construction '98

1997-05-06 Thread Johan Jeuring
MPC '98 Fourth International Conference on MATHEMATICS OF PROGRAM CONSTRUCTION --- June 15 - 17, 1998

buffered output; :s -p%s%s%s

1997-05-06 Thread Christian Sievers
Hello, I noticed two things which I think might be called bugs, at least I am near doing so: The first thing really annoys me: If you input something like [0,x] where x=x you get no output at all before you interupt. I think the output is buffered, and I don't like it. This is worse in

Re: performGC

1997-05-06 Thread Sigbjorn Finne
Ralf Hinze writes: for the purpose of benchmarking I require some way of forcing a garbage collection *within* Haskell. After an intensive study of ghc's user guide I found something like: performGC :: PrimIO () performGC = _ccall_GC_

Re: GHC 2.03 info files

1997-05-06 Thread Sigbjorn Finne
Sven Panne writes: After several tries I finally gave up building the documentation from source (stumbling from giant perl errors to non-existent .itxi files, ending up with a containing almost nothing...). We want to use ghc 2.03 in a course starting *this* day, so it would be