IFL '97 2nd Announcement and Call for Contributions

1997-07-15 Thread Kevin Hammond
[Please note that the deadline for paper submission is August 20th. Early registration would be appreciated.] This is the second invitation and call for contributions to the 9th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on the IMPLEMENTATION of FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGES (IFL '97)

Re: 2.04 memory/code-bloat.

1997-07-15 Thread Sigbjorn Finne
So my question is, does anyone have a clue what's going on, and better yet, how to fix it? Is there some 2.04-only optimisation that interacts badly with this particular program, or is the compiler behaving "leakily"? I'm suspecting the first is the more likely culprit at this point, from

Profiling with -auto-all broken

1997-07-15 Thread Sven Panne
Once again: The old and sad profiling story... Consider the following modules: - Foo.hs - module Foo(x) where x = [secret] secret = 'a' - Bar.hs - module Bar(y) where y = [secret] secret = 'b' - Main.hs - module Main where import Foo

2.04 memory/code-bloat.

1997-07-15 Thread Alex Ferguson
Hi all. To my horror, I've just discovered that ghc-2.04 appears to reverse the recent trend of ghc releases by being significantly less efficient on one of our Problem Child programs. In particular, it both takes (even) more memory to compile; and the object code size is (even!) bigger. The