Preliminary Design of Edison: A Library of Efficient Data Structures

1997-07-20 Thread Chris Okasaki
I am in the process of designing and implementing a library of efficient data structures tentatively named Edison. However, before I get too deep in the implementation I wanted to solicit feedback from the Haskell community on the preliminary design of the library. I have sketched the general

bug report

1997-07-20 Thread Marc van Dongen
Hi there, With ghc-2.04 I can successfully compile the following: module Buggy( buggy ) where data L a = L [a] class (Eq a,Ord a,Num a,Read a,Show a) = Class a where method :: a - Bool instance (Class a) = Class (L a) where method (L as) = True instance (Class a) = Eq (L a) where