Haskell 1.4 Prelude bug

1997-07-23 Thread Justin Cormack
Is there an official place to send bug reports to? There are several bugs in the lex function specified in the PreludeText section of the Standard Prelude for Haskell 1.4. To start with the subsidiary function lexLitChar is not defined. Also there is a typo isAlphaNum instead of isAlphanum (this

Re: Native Mode on Linux i386?

1997-07-23 Thread David Barton
I haven't had time to download his binary distribution and try to recompile 2.04 yet. When I do, I'll let you know how it went. Sometimes I just don't get the time to do the things I *want* to do. Dave Barton *

Re: Compiling 2.04 with 2.02, problems

1997-07-23 Thread Simon L Peyton Jones
Peter, Sorry for the long silence about your bug report. 2.02 wasn't advertised as strong enough to boot GHC itself. If you want to compile 2.04, use 0.29. Even 2.04 can't boot itself. 2.05 will be able to I have an optimised build going right now! Simon | From: Peter Liljenberg

Re: Mysterious DEC utterances.

1997-07-23 Thread Sven Panne
Alex Ferguson wrote: [...] I'm using OSF 3.2, however, so your kilometerage may vary considerably... [...] ghc-0.29 -o hsc [ridiculously long argument list removed] /bin/ld: Warning: Linking some objects which contain exception information sections and some which do not. This may