Re: Haskell 1.4 Prelude bug

1997-07-24 Thread Simon L Peyton Jones
There's a Haskell 1.4 report bug list at John Peterson puts the entries in, but it's really up to others to write the entry. Would you like to document the bugs you've found along with the fixes and send an entry to John? It

two minor questions on ghc

1997-07-24 Thread S.D.Mechveliani
Hello, people, here are two minor questions on ghc. (1) To make ghc-2.04 putting .o files into the given subdirectory, say, `o_hi', we command ghc -c Foo.hs -odir o_hi What is the similar option for .hi ? I cannot find it in the ghc user guide. It suggests

Re: Mysterious DEC utterances.

1997-07-24 Thread Alex Ferguson
Sven Panne on: Warning: Linking some objects which contain exception information sections and some which do not. This may cause fatal runtime exception handling problems (last obj encountered without exceptions was main/LoopHack.o). I don't speak DECish too fluently,

Re: Not very Happy.

1997-07-24 Thread Simon L Peyton Jones
Alex | Further to my previous comments about ghc-2.04 and Happy output, I | can report that having mangled happy-0.9 output to work with 1.4ish | arrays, the situation is more dire yet. For the same happy input | program as previously reported, ghc _really_ struggles to compile | the -a output

Re: GHC status

1997-07-24 Thread Manuel Chakravarty
I read a nice paper recently "The cathedral and the bazaar" by Eric Raymond, reflecting on his experience Linux, and in particular of developing "fetchmail". You can find it at It's really worth reading. One particular thing he