Re: Haskell Report 1.2

1992-02-13 Thread Kevin Hammond
Good. Let me add a disclaimer, though. This appears to me still to be LR-parseable (except for the genuine ambiguity), because in the absence of arbitrary parenthesization, a finite lookahead is sufficient to distinguish, for example, (n+1) x = from (n+1) `op` x = but I

IFL 97 Announcement

1997-03-19 Thread Kevin Hammond
to seeing you in St Andrews. Kevin Hammond, Tony Davie and Chris Clack IFL '97 Organising Committee PS We are cooperating with the functional programming group at Glasgow with the aim of running IFL "back-to-back" with the (invitation-only) annual Glasgow workshop. While

Haskell List now Moderated

1996-03-19 Thread Kevin Hammond
Following the recent spate of problem messages to this list, I've been working with Glasgow to set up a moderated list (this would have been harder to do in the past). As a subscriber, you should see essentially no difference except that there is now an automated way to subscribe/unsubscribe to

Haskell 1.3 Libraries Available for Comment

1996-10-28 Thread Kevin Hammond
The current draft of the Haskell 1.3 Libraries is now available for public comment at{ps,dvi} in either PostScript or DVI format (HTML will follow). The document defines the required libraries for conforming Haskell 1.3

Haskell Report Status (V1.2)

1992-02-24 Thread Kevin Hammond
Here is our current list of outstanding issues. Unresolved items are starred. Please let me know ASAP of anything that I've omitted, or which I've misinterpreted. Joe has the token on the Prelude, but will send it to Glasgow for integration and checking by Wednesday. We have the token on all

Re: Exporting classes and methods.

1992-02-27 Thread Kevin Hammond
I've got a query about exporting classes and instances from a module. In the report (1.2beta) it says that a class and all its methods are exported if either it is explicitly named in the export list, or implicitly exported if the export list is omited. I don't understand what is

Re: Array Indexing

1992-03-02 Thread Kevin Hammond
Currently, the report says nothing about whether an instance of Ix should perform bounds checking, or whether this is done automatically by the implementation. My proposal was to say that it should be in the instance declaration, which gives the user a variety of options as to how to

Re: I/O

1992-03-19 Thread Kevin Hammond
Joe, Regarding efficiency, can someone comment on whether there is any difference between the stream and continuation models in the effect on parallelism? Parallelism could be ENHANCED by a suitable continuation I/O model, such as the one I am working on (slowly), since with

Re: I/O

1992-04-01 Thread Kevin Hammond
Sorry for the delay -- I've been away for a week, without good network connections... In regard to asynchronous I/O, you said: This applies equally to the request model. Nothing prevents the submission (but not necessarily resolution) of a later I/O request during resolution of an

Re: Strictness in Haskell

1992-04-08 Thread Kevin Hammond
Hi ! Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to force Haskell to evaluate an expression strict ? Yes, in general it's not possible. That is, I can't write a function evaluate :: a - a which will force its argument to WHNF. I can, as you've noted, write a function:

Re: Help reading binary data

1992-05-26 Thread Kevin Hammond
Err, Lennart, doesn't your implementation a) write C doubles (even for Float) b) attach extra information to the file That is in the C sense you don't read/write a raw stream of floats. I assume that what David wanted was something which would read the stream of

Re: Pattern Binding

1992-05-28 Thread Kevin Hammond
[The issue is the semantics of guards in pattern-bindings. As defined, they are useless if they use a variable bound in the pattern.] Brian writes: I can't see anything in the report to limit guards to mention only free variables, but if pattern variables are used in the guards, big problems

Re: Pattern Binding

1992-05-28 Thread Kevin Hammond
An alternative to allow my second example to match on the third clause might be: [...] where (p',gi') = (p,gi) with variables renamed consistently. Actually, it isn't necessary to rename in this translation (the condition was left over from a previous version). Apologies if this confused

Re: Pattern Binding

1992-05-29 Thread Kevin Hammond
There are two issues going on here. 1. Should pattern variables be permitted in the guard? ^^ Haskell's reply: yes, but the result is always bottom. Technically, it's only bottom if the pattern variables are evaluated. This might seem

IFL '97 2nd Announcement and Call for Contributions

1997-07-15 Thread Kevin Hammond
conferences in Southampton, UK (September 3-5), and immediately before the annual Glasgow workshop (we will happily recommend IFL attendees to the Glasgow organisers on request). We look forward to seeing you in St Andrews. Kevin Hammond, Tony Davie and Chris Clack IFL '97 Organising Committee

Re: how about main :: IO Int

1997-08-22 Thread Kevin Hammond
Christian, In Haskell you can use exitWith :: ExitCode - IO a from the System library, so you don't need the program to "return" a "Int" (this is not a esthetically pleasing in C!). The IO a allows the operation to be used in any IO monad context, not just IO (). Regards, Kevin At 6:40 pm

Re: Echoing of input functions

1997-11-24 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 11:09 am 24/11/97, Sigbjorn Finne wrote: Olaf Chitil writes: Section 7.1 of the Haskell Report says about the input functions getChar, getLine, getContents, interact, ...: "By default, these input functions echo to standard output. Functions in the I/O library provide full control over

PhD Studentship: Parallel Functional Programming

1998-02-25 Thread Kevin Hammond
available for the next academic year. These are available to UK nationals with a good first degree (first-class or upper-second honours) and are tenable for 3 years' study as above. These studentships may be held in any area of functional programming under the supervision of either Kevin Hammond or

Re: Referential transparency of I/O

1998-03-17 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 3:37 pm 16/3/98, Patrick Logan wrote: A discussion about referential transparency and I/O in Haskell popped up in Comp.lang.scheme. The example was something like: do x - getLine y - getLine ...with... getLine :: IO String And so my question is what is the value of getLine? I had

Re: FW: Exceptions are too return values!

1998-06-10 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 2:40 pm 10/6/98, Simon L Peyton Jones wrote: Here's a reasonable design for exceptions in Haskell: * A value of Haskell type T can be EITHER one of the values we know and love (bottom, or constructor, or function, depending on T), OR it can be a mirror in the UK

1998-12-22 Thread Kevin Hammond
also like to announce our new WWW site at: Some of these pages are still under construction. Please send comments/suggestions for improvement to Alvaro ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Kevin Hammond and Alvaro Rebon

New Lectureships at St Andrews

1999-01-11 Thread Kevin Hammond
[I apologise for polluting the Haskell list with non-technical discussion, but I hope that we might get some good FP applications for these posts. As our head of division notes, Computer Science is expanding at St Andrews, and we are looking for good people to join the division. It would be

PhD Studentship at St Andrews

1999-09-23 Thread Kevin Hammond
[Please forward to anyone who might be interested.] A vacancy has arisen for an EPSRC (UK government-funded) PhD studentship in the Division of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. Current research interests in the functional programming group include: o parallel language design

Re: Haskell and Parallelism (was: What is a functional language?)

1999-09-27 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 1:08 pm +0100 28/9/99, Adrian Hey wrote: So, I guess the answer is.. Yes, we do need to let such operational issues muddy the waters. What worries me here is that there might be some unjustifiable assumptions about the nature of the machine which is performing those operations. In particular

Re: Haskell and Parallelism (was: What is a functional language?)

1999-09-28 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 8:02 pm +0100 28/9/99, Adrian Hey wrote: On Mon 27 Sep, Kevin Hammond wrote: It's entirely possible to have a parallel implementation of a language defining serial pattern matching [**], but in which the actual execution is parallel. Yes, I think I understand. You mean the implementation

Re: Haskell Report 1.2

1992-02-11 Thread Kevin Hammond
* Should gd - exp^0 be changed back to gd - exp? PROVISIONAL DECISON: no. We made this choice at Mark Jones' suggestion, to allow us to write e::T Int rather than e::(T Int). (I can't remember why this guard stuff is a consequence... No action reqd. I agree, if we don't do this, then

Re: Haskell Report 1.2

1992-02-12 Thread Kevin Hammond
Joe writes: [My simple syntax for LHSes] doesn't cover things like (f .* g) x y = f (g x y) and proposes a syntax which is the same as my simple proposal, but covers exactly this also. lhs ::= (var | @(@ ilhs @)@) apat+ | ilhs | pat ilhs

Lectureship at St Andrews

2000-06-19 Thread Kevin Hammond
We have a vacancy for a lecturer in Computer Science at St Andrews. Our head of school is looking for someone with strengths in experimental computer science, who will ideally be able to support our new degree programme in Internet Computing. Obviously it would be great to have another functional

3 Lectureships at St Andrews

2001-06-18 Thread Kevin Hammond
St Andrews University has three lectureships available in Computer Science. We are looking for good researchers, with an emphasis on practical skills: functional programmers would obviously be very good from my perspective! The deadline is the 22nd of June, but a late application may be

Re: Ray Tracing

2001-06-18 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 10:02 am -0300 14/6/01, Heron wrote: Hello Haskell  GHC people,     I need the source code of a Ray Tracing written in Haskell. This code was used for parallelization using Caliban and Eden. Can you help me on how or where I can obtain it ?   Heron de Carvalho, Msc. Yes, we can

PhD Studentship (Please Forward)

2001-11-15 Thread Kevin Hammond
Applications are invited for a PhD student to work on resource modelling for Hume, a concurrent bounded resource functional language aimed at embedded/safety critical systems. The student must be UK- or EC-resident, and possess a good undergraduate degree in Computer Science. The project will

CFP: EuroPar 20002

2001-11-16 Thread Kevin Hammond
[Apologies for any duplication. Please can you distribute to those who might be interested... I am global chair of topic 10, Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Programming Languages, and would welcome submissions from the Haskell community. Kevin] * Euro-Par 2002 -

Advance Notice of Possible Research Opening

2002-06-26 Thread Kevin Hammond
Dear friends, Although final confirmation is awaited, Kevin Hammond and Steve Linton expect shortly to be in a position to advertise a three year post-doctoral fellowship to work on a research project entitled: Computational Algebra for Commodity Parallel Machines. The goal of this project

Job Vacancy at St Andrews: Deadline 12th August 2002

2002-07-23 Thread Kevin Hammond
that faxed or posted applications will be accepted by the university, but email ones will not. We expect to conduct interviews for the post during the second part of August. If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact either of us informally about the post. Kevin Hammond

[Haskell] 4 Vacancies at St Andrews

2004-04-27 Thread Kevin Hammond
A reminder that the deadline for application is tomorrow, 28th April. We have two chairs and two lectureships open to the best candidates. I would welcome some good functional programmers, of course, and am happy to answer any questions! Further details are found at

[Haskell] 2 Chairs at St Andrews

2005-04-23 Thread Kevin Hammond
University of St Andrews As part of an ongoing programme of expansion, applications are invited for the following posts in Computer Science. 2 Chairs () You should have an outstanding international record of research and publication or the equivalent industrial experience. The new Chairs will

[Haskell] [ANNOUNCEMENT]: TFP '05: First Call for Papers

2005-04-29 Thread Kevin Hammond
for formal proceedings: Friday 16th December 2005 (provisional) Notification of acceptance:Friday 10th February 2006 (provisional) Camera-ready version: Friday 10th March 2006(provisional) ORGANISATION Symposium Chair:Kevin Hammond (University of St. Andrews) Program

[Haskell] [ANNOUNCEMENT]: TFP '05: Second Call for Papers

2005-06-13 Thread Kevin Hammond
: Friday 10th March 2006(provisional) ORGANISATION Symposium Chair: Kevin Hammond (University of St. Andrews) Program Chair: Marko van Eekelen (Radboud University Nijmegen, NL) Local Organisation: Tarmo Uustalu (Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn) Treasurer: Greg Michaelson

[Haskell] [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Functional Programming

2005-06-28 Thread Kevin Hammond
at: . For further details of the StA post please contact Dr Kevin Hammond ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). Please quote ref: CD243/05. Application forms and further particulars are available from Human Resources, University of St Andrews, College Gate, North Street, St

[Haskell] [Announcement] PhD Scholarship at St Andrews

2005-06-30 Thread Kevin Hammond
or another EU country and be resident in the EU). We would obviously welcome applications from those who were interested in functional programming and Haskell. General school information below. Note that time is limited! Kevin Hammond, Roy Dyckhoff and James McKinna Postgraduate Places

[Haskell] Postdoctoral Research Fellow at St Andrews

2007-01-15 Thread Kevin Hammond
for one year in the first instance, with a possibility of extension based on pending funding applications. The start date will be 1 March 2007, or as soon as possible thereafter. Informal enquiries to: Dr Kevin Hammond, email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] * Salary is subject to confirmation under the new

[Haskell] SICSA PhD Studentships in Scotland

2011-02-11 Thread Kevin Hammond
and abstraction or complex systems engineering themes. Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University policy on electronic mail

[Haskell] Lectureship at St Andrews, closing date 27/7/11

2011-07-23 Thread Kevin Hammond
+ld8aNkwYmP7D3yeHoB9dq9Dt8SMhc7cfUxfhJ58X6raNR5cTUYvkanff/dwFskrjS/F1/tjVhMXlercjuOzAVXJSU2QI6m44N7QfERRWTwdyGo9ahO4t Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance

[Haskell] Six Prize PhD Studentships at the University of St Andrews

2012-02-22 Thread Kevin Hammond
-research-studentships/ Further information about my research at Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W:

[Haskell] Lectureship in Functional Programming at St Andrews

2012-05-25 Thread Kevin Hammond
candidate! Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334

[Haskell] Six PhD Studentships at St Andrews (tight deadline)

2013-01-27 Thread Kevin Hammond Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University policy

[Haskell] EAPLS PhD Award 2013 - Call for Nominations

2013-11-20 Thread Kevin Hammond
Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands * Giorgio Ghelli, University of Pisa, Italy * Stefan Gruner, University of Pretoria, South Africa * Kevin Hammond, University of St Andrews, U.K. * Martin Hofmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany * Paul Klint, CWI and University of Amsterdam

[Haskell] 8 Funded PhD Positions at St Andrews

2014-01-30 Thread Kevin Hammond
project ideas. Applications should be made through: When applying, please indicate that you would like to apply for 7th Century Funding. Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St

[Haskell] PhD Studentships at St Andrews

2015-02-06 Thread Kevin Hammond
through: Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University policy

[Haskell] Two Lectureships (Assistant Professorships) at St Andrews

2016-06-13 Thread Kevin Hammond
reliable email address to use is -please update your address book. Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University policy

[Haskell] Lectureship/Senior Lectureship Positions at St Andrews

2017-06-06 Thread Kevin Hammond
iq/B+IMGPJwugR63L68sBJUS3+i3hCU7JR/EJv31DirWmhwtDXIz2HSywsmfeey5lSxnIg== Best Wishes, Kevin ---- Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University po

Re: Building ghc-0.29 for on sunos4 and linux

1997-10-23 Thread Kevin Hammond
Nathan, I had some problems like this when I did a Gransim 0.29 build from source for Solaris over the summer. Basically, there were some poor make dependencies (and I think some missing imports/exports on the lines you've noted). I eventually patched everything up. Hans Loidl may be able to

Re: GHC 2.10 complains about layout

1998-02-06 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 11:17 am 5/2/98, Simon Marlow wrote: Ok, that sounds like a reasonable fix. I'd be happier if the semicolon was constrained to being one that had been inserted by the layout system, though. That just needs you to use different tokens for the two kinds of semicolon (plus a production for the

Re: profiling

1997-10-14 Thread Kevin Hammond
At 9:32 am 14/10/97, Simon L Peyton Jones wrote: I strongly suspect that the names are simply truncated before they get into a .hp file. Doubtless this could be fixed. Yes, I came across this when working with the parallel cost-centre code. It would be extremely easy to change the appropriate

ghc-5.02.1 Comments/Pragmas

2002-02-08 Thread Kevin Hammond
The parser fails (non-exhaustive pattern, parser/Parser.hs line 4700) if provided with a comment such as: {-##-} or {--} The comment {-#-} is however accepted! Presumably this is to do with pragma parsing! Kevin ___ Glasgow-haskell-bugs

Re: Vectored updates in the Glasgow Parallel Haskell Implementation

1998-03-19 Thread Kevin Hammond
Hi Matthias, At 2:26 pm 18/3/98, Haskell List Moderator wrote: After this long introduction my question: Suppose a polymorphic closure is evaluated in parallel by another processing element. If the resulting type is a type which uses a vectored return, the remote processor needs to know this

[Haskell-cafe] Lectureships and Chair at St Andrews

2010-02-03 Thread Kevin Hammond
-in-human-computer-interaction-/ Please do not be put off that the chair advert specifies Human-Computer Interaction. Candidates with an excellent research background will always be considered. Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews

Re: Library for concurrent threads running

2002-12-18 Thread Kevin Hammond
I am also not quite sure of your motivation! The current version of GpH is (or can be with very little difficulty) implemented using library calls. There is really no language extension per se, rather there are calls to tightly-coupled C code, plus a set of high level libraries to provide

[Haskell-cafe] ICFP 2012 programming contest

2012-06-22 Thread Kevin Hammond
now! Best Wishes, Kevin Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science, University of St Andrews T: +44-1334 463241 F: +44-1334-463278W: In accordance with University policy on electronic mail, this email reflects the opinions of the individual