RE: [hlcoders] Re: hl1 engine suggestions

2003-09-19 Thread Ken Birdwell
The definitive statement on the subject: -Original Message- From: tei [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 2:57 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [hlcoders] Re: hl1 engine suggestions Hello Cale, CMD You do

RE: [hlcoders] Emiters and Attachments

2003-07-18 Thread Ken Birdwell
It's not really clear from your email, but you should only use attachments on the client. They're fairly useless on the server since they're not frame accurate. On the client they are frame accurate, though they're calculated only AFTER the model has been drawn. On HL1, everything connected to

RE: [hlcoders] Emiters and Attachments

2003-07-18 Thread Ken Birdwell
I'd recommend you just delay evaluation until rendering. Even doing what maxor recommended won't fix the view model/world model problem. -Original Message- From: zmeko [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003 3:25 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hlcoders] Emiters and

RE: [hlcoders] Additive Rendermode

2003-03-03 Thread Ken Birdwell
It sounds like you're trying to synthesize a texture by blending two paletted textures in-memory before you render. Neat idea, but I'm not sure anyone here (Valve) can help you, Half-Life doesn't do that anywhere. Palettes aren't used during blending, they're only used for the on-disk (and

RE: [hlcoders] Additive Rendermode

2003-03-03 Thread Ken Birdwell
For now, if possible, I recommend using a fixed palette. :/ It won't be real pretty, but it'll get your mod up and running and folks playing it. -Original Message- From: Alfred [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 6:18 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hlcoders]

RE: [hlcoders] Models and memory management

2003-01-29 Thread Ken Birdwell
I also recommend against loading a private copy of the model Any particular reason, other than not wasting RAM? At this point, I don't really plan to, just curious. Just a memory issue. It's something that's easily overlooked on a machine with a lot of RAM that can cause serious slowdowns

RE: [hlcoders] Models and memory management

2003-01-28 Thread Ken Birdwell
I'm pretty sure my posting said the exact opposite of botman's response. Precacheing only allocates a name slot for model. It doesn't force it to be in memory. The HL engine demand loads model data only when needed. It rarely happens, but you can't count on the pointer being valid between

RE: [hlcoders] SDK Licence applies to HL PS2?

2003-01-09 Thread Ken Birdwell
in the SDK license. -Original Message- From: Ken Birdwell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 4:01 PM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: RE: [hlcoders] SDK Licence applies to HL PS2? No word yet. I've ping'd Scott and Doug again and see where this is at. -Original Message

RE: [hlcoders] SDK Licence applies to HL PS2?

2003-01-05 Thread Ken Birdwell
question about using content from the PS2 version of HL in user mods. I would really need to know if that is allowed or not. So, what's the answer? --- Ken Birdwell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Some of these questions take a few days to answer, especially if they're questions we haven't heard before

RE: [hlcoders] QC $flag ?

2002-12-20 Thread Ken Birdwell
Yep, these are still supported, though I'm no longer sure they all do the exact same thing as Quake 1. From engine\model.h #define EF_ROCKET (10) // leave a trail #define EF_GRENADE (11) // leave a trail #define EF_GIB (12)

[hlcoders] testing hlcoders

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RE: [hlcoders] SDK Licence applies to HL PS2?

2002-11-15 Thread Ken Birdwell
Some of these questions take a few days to answer, especially if they're questions we haven't heard before. If it's IP built by us and published exclusively by Sierra on the PC then the question is easy, it would be yes, but for stuff where we had the work done by a third parties and/or the

RE: [hlcoders] Weapons and bones

2002-11-04 Thread Ken Birdwell
Any and all bones are possible. As an example, look at the Tau cannon (call the egon gun internally). It's the large backpack+hose weapon connected to the arm, hand, and spine. The weapons just inherit the bone values that name-match from the player. -Original Message- From: Neale

RE: [hlcoders] Sprite File Format

2002-10-27 Thread Ken Birdwell
Look in engine\spritegn.h, and the source for sprgen.exe in utils\sprgen.c for more details. This the program that turns lists of bmp's into spr files. -Original Message- From: Michael Shimmins [mailto:shimms;] Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 7:39 PM To: HLCoders Subject:

RE: [hlcoders] Dual usage of a bone controller

2002-10-16 Thread Ken Birdwell
From your description, I'm not sure why you want to control them with a single bonecontroller. It seems that you should just set up two bonecontrollers, one that controls the Z axis (or whatever it really is) of the neck bone, and one that controls the X axis (or whatever) of the neck bone.

RE: [hlcoders] Lots 'o precaching.

2002-10-14 Thread Ken Birdwell
Precacheing only allocates a name slot for model. It doesn't force it to be in memory. The HL engine demand loads model data only when needed. To further help reduce memory footprint, use $externaltextures (though this only really helps in software) and use $sequencegroupsize to break the .mdl

RE: [hlcoders] gaitsequence problems

2002-06-06 Thread Ken Birdwell
Don't use sequence 0. Sequence 0 is special when used as a gaitsequence. It means, don't calculate any gait sequence animation info. In CStudioModelRenderer::StudioDrawPlayer() you'll find: ... if (pplayer-gaitsequence) { // calculate gait animation and blend

RE: [hlcoders] p/w model skins

2002-06-02 Thread Ken Birdwell
The call to IEngineStudio.StudioSetupSkin( pweaponmodel, 1 ) won't do what you want. This function just readies the texture to be used by the graphics card, which will get overridden inside of IEngineStudio.StudioDrawPoints(). The hidden magic undocumented info is to set

RE: [hlcoders] Limiting events to entities in the PVS

2002-05-15 Thread Ken Birdwell
Look in common\const.h. Change your MESSAGE_BEGIN() event to use MSG_PVS MSG_BROADCAST // unreliable to all MSG_ONE // reliable to one (msg_entity) MSG_ALL // reliable to all MSG_INIT// write to the init string MSG_PVS // Ents in PVS of org MSG_PAS

RE: [hlcoders] Maximum bone controllers? Anyone or Valve know?

2002-04-30 Thread Ken Birdwell
The model format can handle any number of them, but studiomdl is limited to 128, the engine limited to 8, and the networking (and probably the modelviewer) is limited to 4 inputs. In the clientdll, look at CStudioModelRenderer::StudioCalcBoneAdj() to see how they're implemented. At minimun you

RE: [hlcoders] UTIL_SetSize

2002-04-25 Thread Ken Birdwell
In the studiohdr_t struct, there are both min/max and bbmin/bbmax which _should_ have been used to set both movement hull and view clipping hull (qc commands $bbox and $cbox respectively), but were never used in HL so typically remain uninitialized. If it's all your own models, you may want set

RE: [hlcoders] SITWFODF1D #1

2002-04-23 Thread Ken Birdwell
Good advice. The only hard limitations compilied into the engine are MAXSTUDIOBONES, MAXSTUDIOVERTS, and MAXSTUDIOCONTROLLERS. The rest can be changed. -Original Message- From: Persuter [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 10:08 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE:

RE: [hlcoders] Demo formatting

2002-04-19 Thread Ken Birdwell
Are you all saying that host_framerate doesn't work anymore? You're just supposed to record your demos, then set host_framerate to something like 0.033 for 30fps or 0.05 for 20fps or whatever you want, then use startmovie and endmovie to make long runs of screencaptures at a fixed fps. At least

RE: [hlcoders] Demo formatting

2002-04-19 Thread Ken Birdwell
Why timedemo? Timedemo won't give you a fixed and locked fps. It'll just give you frames at fast but somewhat variable intervals, which isn't what mpeg generating systems want. Using host_framerate returns images at a constant fps, regardless of render performance. -Original Message-

RE: [hlcoders] v_weaponmodels skin changing

2002-04-15 Thread Ken Birdwell
haven't seen a mod that does it with no sub groups and just a skin list. - Original Message - From: Ken Birdwell [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 10:40 AM Subject: RE: [hlcoders] v_weaponmodels skin changing how to debug your problem: 1) Test your

RE: [hlcoders] v_weaponmodels skin changing

2002-04-15 Thread Ken Birdwell
in one of the players user fields or inside clientside weapon code. -Original Message- From: Ken Birdwell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 1:40 PM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: RE: [hlcoders] v_weaponmodels skin changing I am 100% sure as of June 1999 when I

RE: [hlcoders] v_weaponmodels skin changing

2002-04-13 Thread Ken Birdwell
The viewmodel inherits the skin setting (and everything else except model, frame, and sequence) of the client's viewent, which is typically the player. If you can locally - on the client - change the players skin (and body, etc.) then the weapon should work how you want. -Original

RE: [hlcoders] no sequence for act:59 ( for a Gonome)

2002-04-10 Thread Ken Birdwell
Activities are enum'ed in activity.h. Assuming you haven't edited it, the 59th one is ACT_EXCITED. The most likely problem is that you have a schedule telling your monster to play that activity, but your model doesn't have any animations for it. An alternate cause could be that maybe you've

RE: [hlcoders] Counter-Strike : Condition Zero

2002-03-25 Thread Ken Birdwell
If you have models that don't animate - such as lamps, trash cans, etc. - then even making them cyclers is expensive. Just encoding the pev-animtime and pev-frame can eat up tons of network (even single player) and CPU bandwidth when you have a lot of them visible. To get that overhead back,

RE: [hlcoders] Bone position

2002-02-10 Thread Ken Birdwell
Look up the bone by name. Bone names are stored in the models bone array. int LookupBone( void *pmodel, char *name ) { studiohdr_t *pstudiohdr = (studiohdr_t *)pmodel; if (! pstudiohdr) return -1; mstudiobone_t *pbones = (mstudiobone_t *)( (byte

RE: [hlcoders] GetAttachment for server-side collision detection

2002-02-05 Thread Ken Birdwell
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RE: [hlcoders] (no subject) (Skeletal Errors)

2002-01-27 Thread Ken Birdwell
Well, the other thing to look at isstudiomdl will also remove all bones that have no effect on the rendered model. If your animator created a model with no vertices attached to either "Bip01 L Leg" or any of its children, then studiomdl will remove this bone from the bone hierarchy and when

Re: [hlcoders] Constructors

2002-01-23 Thread Ken Birdwell
Repeat of destructor/constructor C++ discussion. TFC uses them. HL doesn't. Read why and how below. -Original Message- From: Ken Birdwell Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 2:31 AM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: RE: [HLCoders] CBaseEntity Memory Mgmnt Q. I guess an important

RE: [hlcoders] Models and sequences

2002-01-23 Thread Ken Birdwell
Leon is mostly correct, though the engine IS limited to only supporting 4,294,967,296 sequences. :P In any case, the whole business of needing the sequence to line up is ONLY if you're displaying a different model on the client than the one the server is using. Since HL and TFC allow clients to

RE: [hlcoders] Hull3?

2002-01-20 Thread Ken Birdwell
I'm still not exactly sure what the problem is you're having, so here's some basics: 1) The model the client is displaying has no effect on hitbox-traceline intersection calculations (i.e. shooting the player). 2) The model (and specific pose) the client draws to represent the player can be and

RE: [hlcoders] Basic Problem, many a hairs lost!

2002-01-18 Thread Ken Birdwell
What's your MAX_PARTICLES defined as? Is there is ; at the end? If so, then that's the problem. -Original Message- From: Philip Plante [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 8:10 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hlcoders] Basic Problem, many a hairs lost! It

RE: [hlcoders] Hull3?

2002-01-17 Thread Ken Birdwell
Yes, sort of. You'll still have problems with hitbox collisions if the hitboxes extend outside of the collision box. This is why the tentacle sets its collision box to a 800x800x850 area (see SetObjectCollisionBox()) even though it uses a relatively small hull. If it didn't set its collision

RE: [hlcoders] Hull3?

2002-01-14 Thread Ken Birdwell
You may have bugs with the animations that are being hidden by the gait sequence. As a test case, run your players with their gaitsequence always set to 0 and see where their model is draw. Where they are drawn is the location the server is using for traceline collisions. If these are

RE: [hlcoders] sub models related question...

2002-01-11 Thread Ken Birdwell
You'll have problems with the encoding for pev-body. It's a packed encoding based on the number of elements in each group. In your example, let's say the game dll had selected body #1 and head #2. pev-body would be encoded with the value of 7 ((2)*3+1). The client dll would they try to

RE: [hlcoders] it's quiet...too quiet

2002-01-11 Thread Ken Birdwell
college classes start back up this week? -Original Message- From: Reedbeta [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 8:53 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [hlcoders] sub models related question... Yeah, it has died down. I got 12 messages in 3 days this week.

RE: [hlcoders] what a bloody n00b

2001-12-27 Thread Ken Birdwell
Okay, just to be really clear, it's a COPYright, not a SELLright. The control is at the COPYING stage of the process, not why you're doing it or what you're doing with it. A COPYRIGHT actually does refer "the right to copy". It doesn't mater if you're giving it away, bundling it, selling

RE: [hlcoders] what a bloody n00b

2001-12-26 Thread Ken Birdwell
Yes, selling* copyrighted material w/o permission is illegal.Sierra goes through and has ebay remove these items when they find them, but it looks like they missed a few. Thanks. -Original Message-From: Christopher Long [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001

RE: [hlcoders] what a bloody n00b

2001-12-26 Thread Ken Birdwell ebay is very good about this sort of thing.

RE: [hlcoders] Full body animation

2001-12-07 Thread Ken Birdwell
Just set the players pev-gaitsequence to 0 and nothing will play on the lower body. Look at case statement for ACT_HOP, ACT_DIESIMPLE, etc. in CBasePlayer::SetAnimation() for examples. Those are all full body animations. -Original Message-From: Georges Giroux [mailto:[EMAIL

RE: [hlcoders] [OT] question to valve, curious

2001-12-05 Thread Ken Birdwell
"no" sounds kind of nasty, like we're refusing and keeping it to ourselves.The answer is "we can't". The bsp's won't load with your version of the engine. A lot of the demo map files are either lost, changed beyond recognition, never checked in, reference textures that don't exist anymore,

RE: [hlcoders] Impulse Commands

2001-11-22 Thread Ken Birdwell
These only work in software. r_fullbright 1 - show textures only r_fullbright 2 - show lightmaps only r_fullbright 3 - show lightmaps with luxel grids r_fullbright 4 - show mip level -Original Message- 2) Is there a command to illuminate a dark map (besides the flashlight)?