Re: [hlds] Sv_search_key

2008-11-10 Thread Zoid Kirsch
You may need to do a heartbeat after changing sv_search_key. This should be fixed in the next update. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Rob wheat Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 2:35 PM To: Subject: [hlds]

[hlds] Upcoming Left 4 Dead Server Changes

2009-04-20 Thread Zoid Kirsch
I'm a developer at Valve who is working on the Left 4 Dead Survival pack update. We've made several changes to server operation that we'd like to give our server operators a heads up on. Since Left 4 Dead will now support three different game modes, we removed the console variable

Re: [hlds] L4D Custom Campaigns + Versioning Issue

2009-07-15 Thread Zoid Kirsch
This is unfortunate. There is a Version field specifically in the mission file used to describe the campaign to matchmaking. Note that this version field is an integer (as documented explicitly in the mission file example). If he listed the version as 6.0 and 6.1 in the mission file, the

Re: [hlds] L4D search_key server good for only 1 use?

2009-07-15 Thread Zoid Kirsch
Hi Robert. We updated the master servers today to specifically correct this issue. If you haven't restarted your server today, please do so and it should correctly work with sv_search_key and steam groups. There is a minor issue on Linux servers when using sv_search_key that they won't show

Re: [hlds] Left 4 Dead Update Available

2009-09-30 Thread Zoid Kirsch
There was a deployment issue on Windows servers that caused them to not correctly update. We isolated the issue and you should update again if you are having problems. -- /// Zoid. -Original Message- From:

[hlds] Master Server Maintenance

2010-04-12 Thread Zoid Kirsch
We are performing maintenance today on the Steam master servers that handle dedicated server listings. Throughout the day, some dedicated servers may not list for some users during this maintenance period. -- /// Zoid. ___ To unsubscribe, edit

[hlds] Master Server Move

2010-04-13 Thread Zoid Kirsch
On Wednesday April 14th we will be moving the HL2Master servers to a new set of IP addresses. One of the major new features is the new Masters should return dedicated servers ordered by their geographical distance from the player requesting the server list, making for lower latency and better

Re: [hlds] Master Server Move

2010-04-14 Thread Zoid Kirsch
Yes, any games that use the HL2Master such as all multiplayer Source based games and some of our partner games such as Killing Floor. For the Left 4 Dead series specifically, the geographical based ordering will provide much better results when searching for dedicated servers from the lobby.

[hlds] HL2 Masters Have Moved

2010-04-14 Thread Zoid Kirsch
The new HL2Masters are now online. Dedicated server operators will want to restart their servers to pick up the new Master IP addresses. If you have any manual setmaster configuration commands, please remove them as those older addresses are no longer valid. We will be monitoring the

Re: [hlds] HL2 Masters Have Moved

2010-04-14 Thread Zoid Kirsch
No, they should be the same. What addresses are you seeing? Clients may take a few minutes to timeout talking to the old master IPs and moving to the new ones. -- /// Zoid. -Original Message- From: [] On

Re: [hlds] HL2 Masters Have Moved

2010-04-14 Thread Zoid Kirsch
* will correctly pick up the new addresses of the these Masters. Jonah Hirsch --- On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 9:34 AM, Zoid Kirsch wrote: No, they should be the same. What addresses are you seeing? Clients may take a few minutes to timeout talking

Re: [hlds] HL2 Masters Have Moved

2010-04-14 Thread Zoid Kirsch
Regions are still supported and work exactly like before. In general they aren't widely used and now that we do IP geographical ordering they are less useful since you will get sent servers near you first. There are two current IPs for the masters. One of the major changes was rewriting them

[hlds] Steam Client Updated to Refresh Masters

2010-04-15 Thread Zoid Kirsch
We have just released an update to the Steam client that renames the MasterServers.vdf file to MasterServer2.vdf. This was to ensure all players refresh the list of Masters. Once you receive the update, your Client will automatically retrieve and save the master information in this new file.

[hlds] HL2 Master Server Addition

2010-05-28 Thread Zoid Kirsch
We have added an additional HL2 Master server at address I've seen a few scripts posted here using the setmaster dedicated server console command. Generally, you do not need to manually specify the master addresses. Additional setmaster commands with other addresses in

[hlds] HL2 Master Server move

2010-08-31 Thread Zoid Kirsch
The HL2MasterServer at has been moved to You may need to restart your servers to retrieve the new IP address of the master. If you are setting the addresses manually, please update your configuration. We will be moving the other masters later in the

Re: [hlds] HL2 Master Server move

2010-09-01 Thread Zoid Kirsch [] On Behalf Of Zoid Kirsch Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 12:03 PM To: ''; Half-Life dedicated Linux server mailing list Subject: [hlds_linux] HL2 Master Server move The HL2MasterServer